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Donald Trump ‘Doesn’t Know’ Matt Whitaker – Unless You Ask Donald Trump

Who's to say who knows who!

Donald Trump is pretty offended at the suggestion he appointed Matthew Whitaker Acting Attorney General for the sole purpose of undermining the Robert Mueller probe.

Specifically, Trump thinks you’re “stupid” if you think it’s suspicious that he would replace Jeff Sessions with a man (Whitaker) who has penned multiple Op-Eds about indicting Hillary Clinton and curtailing the Special Counsel investigation.

Never mind the fact that Trump spent the better part of two years publicly demanding that Jeff Sessions indict Hillary Clinton and stymie Robert Mueller or, more to the point, never mind the fact that Trump just replaced Sessions with a man who has talked openly about doing all the things that Trump begged Sessions to do.

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Matthew Whitaker ‘Would Indict Hillary Clinton’, Says Mueller Is Running ‘Lynch Mob’

Not only did the President not appoint Whitaker for the purposes of undermining Mueller, Trump “doesn’t even know” Matt Whitaker. Or at least that’s what he (loudly) proclaimed on Friday morning.

That statement runs contrary to common sense, but more importantly, it runs contrary to the on-the-record account of a man who knows a thing or two about Donald Trump. That man is Donald Trump. Watch this:


Let’s see it again!


Who you gonna believe, right?

Your choices are: Donald Trump or Donald Trump.

Oh, and as The New York Times dryly notes on Friday, “Mr. Whitaker has visited the Oval Office several times.”



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