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Matthew Whitaker ‘Would Indict Hillary Clinton’, Says Mueller Is Running ‘Lynch Mob’

How naive are you? 

How naive are you? 
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3 comments on “Matthew Whitaker ‘Would Indict Hillary Clinton’, Says Mueller Is Running ‘Lynch Mob’

  1. Trump voters don’t see any of this information that you are pointing out. Pretty sure Fox news or any of the blogs Trump voters are following do not point it out. Their bubble either completely filters it out or presents the opposite narrative in which the Democrats are so dangerous and evil that everything Trump does is justified.
    Frankly I don’t even see this information being pointed out in the New York Times. I sure do hope Muller is coming up with something dreadful enough to impeach him and the Democrats are able to shield his investigation until then. This insanity just can’t go on. That or the bottom has to fall out of the economy and Trump voters have to turn on him.

  2. The Donald will not likely be impeached since the former GOP, now Trump Party, control the Senate. Re Mueller, the ‘fix is in’ to neutralize/damage control Mueller. SAD!

  3. As a conservative and former FNC viewer I agree with the posters on here. It is dangerous to peddle propaganda to viewers and not give the real truth. In fact FNC is actually hurting the one they are trying to help but not giving the facts. The voters will eventually see him for what he is. I say let’s vote him out. When America tells Delusional Don “You’re Fired!” I will once again feel like the country is on the right track. There is another option for the president, become a real president, think of all Americans, be optimistic and supportive, treat people with respect, make government more efficient, pass bipartisan legislation, fix education, crime, the deficit, end the stupid counterproductive trade war and tariffs, work with allies, do real Simpson Bowles tax reform, fix the VA, fix health care (tort reform and more), improve our infrastructure, protect the progress we made on the environment, help other countries so that people dont have to flee for opportunity, and improve immigration welcoming those with strong values and work ethics to fill all these unfilled jobs and live up to our strong moral leadership in the world. If he does that I would vote for him in 2020.

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