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WTO Better ‘Shape Up’ Or Trump Will Dust Off His ‘Insane FART Act’

"You know why?"

China, which is a great economic power, is considered a Developing Nation within the World Trade Organization. They therefore get tremendous perks and advantages, especially over the U.S. Does anybody think this is fair. We were badly represented. The WTO is unfair to U.S. -- Donald Trump, April 6, 2018 That's a quote from the vaunted presidential Twitter feed and when it hit back in April it came as no surprise. Trump's populist platform is built in part on an express disdain for globalization and multilateralism and the World Trade Organization is an easy target. In fact, the WTO is in many ways the perfect target for Trump, as it represents a collective that presides over a global trade regime that he variously blames for gutting flyover America and destroying U.S. industries. The tweet cited above presaged a series of stories about Trump's plans for the WTO. On June 29, Axios reported that Trump has “repeatedly told top White House officials he wants to withdraw the United States from the WTO.” “He’s [threatened to withdraw] 100 times. It would totally [screw] us as a country,” one source who’s conferred with Trump on the issue reportedly said, before parap
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