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In West Virginia Rally, Trump Says His Mom ‘Gestates’ Turkeys, Claims Invading Armies Will ‘Blow Up’ U.S. Windmills

"This guy is craaaaazy".

"This guy is craaaaazy".
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10 comments on “In West Virginia Rally, Trump Says His Mom ‘Gestates’ Turkeys, Claims Invading Armies Will ‘Blow Up’ U.S. Windmills

  1. Curt Tyner

    Cray, cray, and a little more cray.

  2. I respect him for that. A man that can commit crimes in public, admit to having committed other crimes in public, provide evidence of in public, and unceasingly confess to being crazy, is deserving of at least that much respect.

    But based upon all that we know, he deserves no more than that.
    Do you hear me?? !
    No more than that!!

  3. Amazing. So, none of those fools at this same old rally, same old chants, same old liar – none of them have a TV or radio and have no clue of the day’s prior events? He did say he loves the uneducated. It is also clear that only the uneducated loves him.

    Oh, and didn’t we love the fury of that man and wife who are so pissed that the media made them look crazy when they were cheering while on camera supporting QAnon — trump’s world is full of ’em.

    If it were not so tragic for America, this presidential administration would be funnier than SNL!

    • He’s crazy, all right!!
      But he’s also a coward and scared rabbit.
      He’s always been. He’ll never wanna to lose those fancy gold chairs in Trump Tower.

      So don’t be surprised if it turns out that while he’s out there distracting everyone, that the real back channel that counts is the one with Mueller that Emmett Flood, Serene Raskin and Marty Raskin (the two former federal prosecutors and veteran defense lawyers Trump hired from Coral Gables, FL), and Crazy Rudy are trying to build in their effort to work out a deal that allows Trump and his posse to walk free for his resignation.

      • Hey Marty! I’ve read about the Raskin’s and wonder why they would ever agree to connect with trump. Their history is fighting the mob/mafia and being successful — they also are known to stay out of the limelight — surely they know he is known for not paying his lawyers and allegedly has lots of mob connections. By the time trump is done with them, their seemingly decent reputation will be ruined, as have many other prior associates of his.

        I also read this comment about Jane Raskin: “During the Reagan administration, she resigned in protest from a criminal division post in the Justice Department over the actions of Attorney General Ed Meese. So you’re saying that in the 1980s she had ethical standards, but now she wants Trump as a client?” Interesting.

        The real problem with our system of government is our president is shielded from the criminal laws that all the rest of us are required to obey or be arrested. If the president commits a crime he should be held accountable during and after his term in office. His resignation from office should not be currency to walk away unscathed, especially when he commanded the crime or stood shoulder-to-shoulder in commission of a crime.

        The image of this coward being walked out the front door of the White House in handcuffs might go a long way to clean up the greed and corruption in our political system and all the participants!

        • I have no reason to question their ethical standards nor Flood’s, since I have not seen any of them take action on his behalf. I expect they’re undertaking on his behalf is limited to certain well defined subjects and no more than those. In that way, they are able to serve the client, keep control of the representation, and have less interaction with him on matters that the public should not be exposed to. One of those subjects, central to any representation in a criminal case, has either come up or definitely will arrive soon, i.e., discussions, deliberations and then communication with Mueller’s team on an agreement by which Mueller will allow Trump and his family to walk away from his nightmare without criminal liability in exchange for his resigning.

          • Don’t misunderstand – the word ethics in my prior comment was part of a quote I read and was repeating. I only find it interesting they would even consider representing this reprehensible and vile man, especially to assist him in walking away from criminal charges.

            I guess it comes down to what are we willing to accept just to be rid of him and all of his family (an absolute must!) especially if that could be quickly done without further damage or cost to America! His resignation would equal an admission of guilt.

            I have little doubt his future business relationships are permanently stained and he will die as an exposed, dishonored and shamed traitor. Even his equally criminal friends will laugh at how ignorant he was but most of them probably already know that!

            And then I want the rules revised that govern the office of the President! šŸ˜”

          • Any lawyer – to include either or both Raskins – that could figure out a way to get him to agree to leave WH, even one day earlier than the next inauguration day, has my endless congrats, especially Mueller!

  4. Anonymous

    ā€œIā€™d rather have fake news then have anybody ā€” including liberal socialists, anything ā€” then have anybody stopped and censored,ā€

    It should be “than,” not “then,” in both instances.

  5. Marty, I agree. Is today too soon?

    Now, how about we see how many of the GOP’ers we can also get out of there for allowing this crap to go unchecked! Try this . . . let’s start with Raphael Cruz! quote trump . . .YOU’RE FIRED!

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