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‘Truth Isn’t Truth’: Trump, Giuliani Square Off Against Maggie Haberman, Reality

"Don't do this, this is going to become a bad meme". 

On Saturday, Donald Trump's least favorite reporter on the planet, Maggie Haberman, published a story in the New York Times that details how White House counsel Don McGahn cooperated extensively with Robert Mueller. Over the course of what the Times describes as "at least three voluntary interviews that totaled 30 hours", McGahn documented Trump's anger at the special counsel probe and elaborated on the President's mindset when he fired James Comey. McGahn also talked quite a bit about Trump's frustration with Jeff Sessions and attempts to fire Mueller himself, a process which McGahn refused to participate in last summer. Apparently, McGahn and his attorney found the strategy of Trump's other lawyers (John Dowd and Ty Cobb) too stupid to be true. "Last fall, Mueller’s office asked to interview McGahn [and] to the surprise of the White House Counsel’s Office, Trump and his lawyers signaled that they had no objection, without knowing the extent of what McGahn was going to tell investigators", Haberman writes, adding that "McGahn and his lawyer grew suspicious and began telling associates that they had concluded that the president had decided to let McGahn take the fall
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