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‘My Wonderful Son’ Don Jr.’s Meeting With Russians Was ‘Totally Legal’, Trump Inexplicably Shouts

The President doth protest too much, methinks.

The President doth protest too much, methinks.
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5 comments on “‘My Wonderful Son’ Don Jr.’s Meeting With Russians Was ‘Totally Legal’, Trump Inexplicably Shouts

  1. Anonymous

    “No collusion!”

    “Ok, well, my campaign did meet with agents of a hostile foreign government to get dirt on a political opponent, but it’s not a crime and I didn’t know about it.”

    Next comes “Of course I knew about the meeting that my campaign manager and multiple family members were having in my building while I was present in the building. It’s not illegal to know about meetings.”

  2. Anymouse

    Were you lying then or are you lying now?

  3. Well, apparently he did not read the “rules” before he put his hand on the bible and took the oath of office. This ignorant and unscrupulous heathen is illegally sitting in the White House. Not only ranting that “it is totally legal” (which of course it was not!) but he apparently thinks it is perfectly acceptable to stoop so low as to even seek crap to throw at his opponent because he cannot win without it. He knew he could not win on his own merits but if he could discredit or humiliate her, he may have a chance.

    We know he is a traitor who gained access to the Oval Office illegally and has taken advantage of America every day since and costing this country trillions of dollars! The current members of Congress who refuse to accept and acknowledge that this cretin is a grifter and do nothing to remove him from the White House are complicit and should also be impeached for their own misconduct. They also took an oath with their hand on a bible.

    He’s a PIG. His prior and continuing only glory in his life is to attack and humiliate other people and he takes great pleasure in doing so. And he demands loyalty and respect. . . or else you are his next target.

    My favorite thing I have read today came from James Comey. He wrote: Tweet as you expect to be tweeted.

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