Trump Sends Irritated Letters To Freeloading Deadbeats Ahead Of NATO Summit

Trump Sends Irritated Letters To Freeloading Deadbeats Ahead Of NATO Summit

No one has ever accused Donald Trump about being shy when it comes to expressing his disdain for multilateral institutions. There's no ambiguity here - his position is that the United States (which, as a reminder, he still runs) is being robbed blind by pretty much everyone and that characterization applies to trade and defense. And while there's nothing ambiguous about his aversion to multilateralism, there are plenty of questions as to what motivates that aversion. The cynical among you woul
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7 thoughts on “Trump Sends Irritated Letters To Freeloading Deadbeats Ahead Of NATO Summit

  1. Trump, unable to grow in his new job, continues to be the dumb asshole he was his entire life.

    In order to justify his existence and make it seem like as if he’s working really really hard for his base, he sets up attacks on everyone and everything his followers think sound so very good to them, or at least enough of them in order to keep Republican lawmakers trapped.

    So, every day, he and his mischievous crew of evil malcontents, conjure up boogeyman to attack in order to prove how powerful he is for America and for the morons who believe his lies. It matters not that every attack he makes is based upon provable fabrications and outright falsehoods of the highest order because his following doesn’t give a crap about such things and in fact many regale at the sight of Destructo pathologically lying 24/7 and “getting away with it.”

    For now, we live in the evil kingdom of Destructo and nothing will change until either Mueller, Congress, the People or some natural act or event some might attribute to God changes things.

    1. Marty, I talk to God every night about this mess and how it gets more serious every day and we cannot depend upon our group of current Congress to do what needs to be done and get his ass out of the oval office before he really does blow something up.

      I then beg God for his help. God said the man is a goon.

  2. The only way to do this is not wait for someone else to foil this fool. We as a nation need to step-up and begin the process of taking away his loyal sycophants, this republican congress. Vote these people out. Talk to your friends and neighbors who want a country that is America, not a dictator led fascist corporate welfare state. Vote and get as many of our majority to vote as well.

  3. It is common for wannabee dictators to create state enemies for the wisest of the voters to be upset and to support more extremist action by the state. Standard operating procedure .Education is the enemy of ignorance.

  4. The ‘stable genius’ wants to create chaos at the NATO heads of state meeting just like he did recently at the G-7
    (G-6 +1) in Canada so he can go to his ‘begged for’ meeting with Putin in Helsinki and bathe in Vlady’s adulation for a ‘job well done’ and get a photo op with Russia’s ‘evil genius.’ He’ll then give Putin the Kim praise ‘schtick’ and claim another victory for his great negotiating skills.

  5. Really, if an exact replica of Destructo appeared in an arc of a Superman comic book series doing what he has been doing since he announced he was running and assumed office, would he not be described as “criminally insane?” Would he be described as a foreign agent for the Russians doing whatever he could to undermine America’s most important institutions, its relationship with and among its closest allies and to foment hatred and distrust between among Americans?

    As I type this sentence, the free world, Americans, America and America’s long standing institutions has no greater enemy than Donald Trump.

    1. Marty – I completely agree! Congress should all be arrested and jailed for not doing their job.

      There must be an amendment to the Constitution written that would in some way allow the citizens of America to override a failure of Congress and remove a President that is not performing on behalf of THIS COUNTRY.

      This election was illegal and should be abandoned — there is clear evidence.

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