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U.S., U.K., France Launch Air Strikes Against Assad Regime In Syria; Operation Said Completed


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13 comments on “U.S., U.K., France Launch Air Strikes Against Assad Regime In Syria; Operation Said Completed

  1. PaulMiller

    When we see pictures of dead children in Damascus in the next few days, trump will assure us that it is fake news.

    • Or trump admin will use it as another false flag like their gas attack.

  2. Anonymous

    Oh well , the dreaded strike is over. Public think Potus has delivered on promise, and we can get back to Comey.

    • If he complies with the directives of the deep state as he did today, maybe they won’t impeach him.

  3. I thought those who wanted nuclear war with Russia were supposed to have voted for the other candidate.

  4. Anonymous

    Reading the above comments one would think an attempt to save innocents from lethal gas attacks is somehow wrong. All the talk and threats by the previous administration did nothing but embolden Assad. Sometime down the line Heisenberg and his minions will recognize and maybe acknowledge something positive from this President and his Adminstration—-Hope springs eternal.

    • go ahead, hold your breath – I dare ya.

      He didn’t even care the last time until his little Princess daughter cried about “those babies”. This time it’s a distraction – the whole world thinks that too. I read several comments this morning from some of his “supporters” who asked for forgiveness for voting for this liar. What is out of balance here is that you make a compassionate comment but yet you helped put this degenerate soulless pig in the WH. go figure. He’s just happy this morning that people are talking about him.

  5. Watch the movie The Dead Zone with Christopher Walken.
    From the moment I realized Trump was running for president and heard his outlandish words, he reminded me of the character in this movie, Greg Stillson, played by Martin Sheen. Nothing surprises me anymore.

  6. Anonymous

    It is evident that none of the foregoing commentators have served in the military and lack the capability for strategic thought. Stick to your financial knitting here….

    • LOL LOL LOL! You are completely clueless. are you out of meds or something??

    • Anonymous

      What gives you the impression (which is false) that none above commentators served? Somewhat presumptuous and egotistical?

    • What gives you the impression that latrine duty qualifies you as a geopolitical master strategist?

      OTOH, you might have a point because most of the neocon chicken hawk war pigs in the trump admin (incl trump) never served and they indeed “lack the capability for strategic thought”.

    • Anonymous

      Speaking of strategy. From WaPo David Nakamura:
      “Even with Trump’s jubilant response to the strikes, several advisers close to the president said they had no indication there was a long-term strategy for the region.”

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