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Kashkari, A ‘Resounding No’ And The Norwegian Blue

Like the Norwegian Blue, they're "deceased". They've "expired and gone to meet their maker."

Like the Norwegian Blue, they're "deceased". They've "expired and gone to meet their maker."
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8 comments on “Kashkari, A ‘Resounding No’ And The Norwegian Blue

  1. Anonymous

    Maybe Trump knows the primary industries are dead; but I doubt it, and the voters in those ghost towns, also know it in their heart of hearts. However If you cannot adapt to a new reality , you drown and while clutching at the imaginary straw.

  2. Anonymous

    Right, Walter. A “modern economy” like the U.S. shouldn’t care about industrial production. Let’s leave that to the Neanderthals in Canada, Germany and Japan.

    • It’s not a matter of “caring” or not. It’s a matter of reality. You can’t keep hoping for a return to something that isn’t coming back, homie. It ain’t gonna happen no matter how bad you want it to.

      • speaking of old crap coming back — what’s with some old tv sitcoms coming back– (Will & Grace for one) and now we hear Roseanne Barr Show is coming back soon. Ya know, when that show was on 1988-97 I enjoyed the mindless comedy but now that Roseanne Barr is known as avid supporter of trump, not interested in any of it! WTF?

      • Anonymous

        Of course that’s true but for reasons that no one wants to admit. It’s geopolitical, not economic. Obama promised 1 million new manufacturing jobs during the 2012 election (a total joke). Trump is crazy enough to say fuck it, let’s see what happens if I listen to Navarro.

        • so stupid to throw in some comment about Obama anytime you want to defend the fucking moron.

          It’s not like Obama LIED and he did in fact save the auto industry and thousands of jobs with the bail outs but the republicans were not really supportive and helpful and Obama spent his entire time in office trying to ignore trump and his damned “birther” lies and rants about evidence he had and could prove it and all that shit.

          Problem he has now is that Obama is in the list of TOP TEN PRESIDENTS and that really pisses off fuckface. LOL!

  3. Big Stevie

    Excellent overview of the current situation, and where it’s headed.

    This is indeed a disaster in the making. It’s going to make the ’08-’09 big short look like a picnic by comparison.

  4. It would be cool to hang with Kashkari and Kuroda, it would be such a happy time. Check out the BOJ logo, even the lions are happy

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