Trump On School Shooting: ‘I’d Run In There Even If I Didn’t Have A Weapon’

"Cadet Bone Spurs."

"Cadet Bone Spurs."
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42 comments on “Trump On School Shooting: ‘I’d Run In There Even If I Didn’t Have A Weapon’

  1. Lol, doubtful he could jog at a brisk pace for 20 yards, let alone run into that situation

  2. I’m speechless, what a moron.

  3. That is incredible!!
    Until you are on the receiving end of live fire you will never know what you are capable of!
    Question? Has our stable genius been in that position?

  4. The legend of Cadet Bone Spurs lives on

  5. Can we please just start ignoring President Meadow Muffin?
    Indifference is the cruelest knife.

  6. Journeyman

    My pregnant wife, a special needs teacher with an advanced degree in education, is currently in lock down at her school due to a threat lobbed by a former student who has been sending SnapChat messages to current students of himself pictured with firearms saying “Fuck [that school].” So don’t sit here and blithely dismiss the need for teachers to be able to protect themselves. I can’t get into the school, I can’t do anything to help her and I’m only praying she gets home safely tonight. This kid could be wielding a knife or any other dangerous weapon just as easily as a firearm.

    You have ZERO idea what it’s like to be on the receiving end of these threats, and lambasting those who want to give teachers a chance to fight for their lives is a fucking disgrace. And don’t give me some bullshit song and dance about access to mental health facilities; this is a mental health facility I’m talking about, where everyone is working with emotionally disturbed students trying to help them better their lot in life. Are these teachers and faculty supposed to lay down their lives because you think the only answer to combating violence is the relinquish any chance to protect yourself?

    • “to lay down their lives because you think the only answer to combating violence is the relinquish any chance to protect yourself?”

      i’m a gun owner. are you?

      the problem here is that the President is goddamn moron. which you damn well know just like everyone else.

    • So if the school is on lock down that means there should be a decent amount of law enforcement around it. “I can’t get into the school”, I am sure if you talked to the cops they would help you out, but maybe that is not your point, eh?

      • Journeyman

        Lock down means nobody, aside from law enforcement professionals, is allowed in or out of the premises. Law enforcement arrived at the school, determined the threat was credible, but without anything having occurred, simply packed up and left. So in other words, the threat is credible, remains outstanding, but until someone has already been attacked, the over-stretched authorities can’t sit there forever – once again leaving the school exposed.

        Perhaps you should learn what the fuck it is you’re talking about and how lock down works in American schools before spouting off some fucking non-sense. But maybe that was your point, eh?

        • I doubt they would just leave, is there a news story you can point to?

          • Journeyman

            Are you literally fucking retarded? This happens DAILY across the United States. And I don’t give a fuck what you THINK would happen in this situation. I’m not a robot, I’m not a political plant trying to sway you to some line of thinking, I’m a person who reads these pages and for whom a specific article has struck a chord because of a situation I’m currently experiencing.

            And no, to answer your absolutely ridiculous request, this is not a national or even local story because, as I already stated, NOBODY HAS YET BEEN ATTACKED. That’s the whole fucking point, that’s the entire point of what happened in Florida, NOBODY LISTENS UNTIL IT’S TOO LATE. Jesus Christ, open your mind for half a fucking second and consider how many thousands of schools there are in the United States that must encounter some type of “credible threat” daily, weekly, monthly. Do you hear about each and every one of those on the evening news, or do you only hear about the children who fall victim to the violence AFTER IT HAS OCCURRED.

          • Ditto

          • So an entire school is on lockdown, but there is no way to verify it. I am well aware of what goes on at schools, and trust me if one of ours was on lockdown it would make the news. BTW: I have done nothing against you.

          • I believe we are all missing the big picture here.
            In order to have control of your subordinates you must first divide them.
            In this case I would have to say they (the folks that control the money) are doing a dam good job.
            Societal breakdown enjoy the ride!!

          • Sorry Badger, in these days you need to weed out truth from fiction.

          • And the truth is??

          • Well, oddly the truth is the truth. I someone say A is going on, but there is no backup of A is going on. Then the entire statement lacks truth.

        • BTW: If the cops are gone who is implementing the no one in or out order.

          • Journeyman


      • Reading Journeyman’s message above carefully, it seems the “threatening” person is not actually inside the school and is not a current student. So doing some sleuthing, I see an article out of NJ about a school on lock down but I seriously doubt this is the school that Journeyman is speaking about: North Jersey high school locked down as students hide under desks, one arrested, Dumont High School. Google it. Also, this schools appears to be in top percentage of best schools for academics. Note, one person arrested and walked away in handcuffs.

        Another assumption I would have is that this may not be all that abnormal for the a mental health facility (as Journeyman said it was) but due to recent horrible events, extra precaution is being taken today. And the cops left he said and the school continues with lock down. Again, given that it is a mental health facility – sounds logical – the school and the cops must have agreed the threat is fairly low at this time; otherwise there is no way the cops would have left an active scene.

        Perhaps Journeyman panicked a little due to the Florida tragedy, somewhat understandable, but sounds like a chosen job along with the risks, right? Arming teachers is still a really stupid idea, doubtful it will ever be done, not to mention providing AR15’s to mentally unfit people of any age, more than ridiculous. Personally, I would never want to work in a mental health facility for many reasons – but I have no “calling” to be a teacher and my hat is off to those that do.

        One more valid point, why in the hell would anyone agree to have teachers with guns working in a mental health facility? I’m having many doubts about all the hoopla.

        • Journeyman

          Couple of points to make here: No it was not New Jersey; no I don’t want my wife to have a firearm in school; not I was not panicking, a mentally unstable student was sending images of himself with firearms to other students and hurling abuse at the school while doing so and was spotted in/around the school this morning after recently being kicked out for, among other things, threatening people at the school – deemed enough of a threat for the police to be called, and enough of a threat for the police to deem it a “credible threat” before doing a perimeter check and then leaving; yes, this was HIGHLY abnormal for this facility as the students deal with a range of cognitive and emotional trauma, the physical manifestations of which are usually with their own body and most, unlike the latest student, have no access to firearms; additionally, you should know that some teachers in the United States are already trained as armed first-responder who have access to firearms in the case of an emergency.

          • All the shit you have assumed you know about me and anyone else who posted comments about your out of control rantings, you know nothing. And me and probably others are thinking you are the person we hope does not have access to guns. Maybe you need to think ahead about 6 years – when your child is ready for school – then what?

            Unless you can give a location or some factual detail of your story, I call BS.

          • To be extremely clear the folks that decided as a society we must hand out awards to everyone that participates, everyone gets a blue ribbon!
            In life there are winners and there are losers!!

          • Journeyman

            @Murphy so to be 100% clear, you think I chose to plant the seed of my great misinformation campaign well over 1 year ago when I first began commenting on this writers blog (it may even be closer to 2 years, I can’t recall at this point) all in the hopes of one day finding the topic of gun control being discussed so I could launch some diabolical misinformation scheme to sway unsuspecting readers to a specific viewpoint?

            And in doing all of this, I chose THIS forum, a blog that deals in high-finance, some political commentary, but generally covers esoteric financial instruments and strategies (as seen by the lay man), to blast out my message?

            This… this is the scenario you’ve REASONED through in your mind? And you have the temerity to question my mental fitness? Wow… Take a bow, the mental gymnastics you’ve just gone through to convince yourself you have any semblance of a clue as to what you’re talking about are downright impressive.

            Meanwhile, I’m going to continue to smile because my wife is home safe and has moved up her maternity leave to start tomorrow and won’t have to be in harms way for the rest of the school year.

            But, bravo sir. Please, continue to police random blogs and let the rest of the reading populace know what you find to be credible or not. Don’t worry, I’ll just be over here plotting my next diabolical misinformation campaign.

    • Do you honestly believe all would be solved if only your pregnant, special needs teacher had a pistol around her waste? You are dismissing the actual issue here. This kind of situation only exists because of lax gun control; adding more guns to the mix won’t help. I’m honestly really surprised by your post. There was a trained deputy on the grounds and he wouldn’t enter the school. But you expect teachers to actually kill a current or former student?

      And how long until one of these teachers has a mental break and shoots a kid, or a kid obtains one of these ‘defensive’ weapons and does the same? I guess steel doors and a little bullet proof glass for classrooms is way too far out there.

      • Journeyman

        No, I’d prefer my wife not have to have a firearm. No, I don’t believe arming teachers is a cure-all.

        But how incredibly naive are you to think that the only issue at hand is lax gun control?

        • I’m not naive. Do I think strict gun control laws will solve the issue outright? Fuck no. But I also realize that’s only because there’s been so many firearms dumped into the population already. Now you have a situation where guns are everywhere and the only solutions are drastic and incredibly reckless.

          So no, while I don’t think it will immediately solve the problem, it won’t have any adverse consequences and will help in the future. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, the kid who shot up the school in Florida bought his AR-15 totally legally. If you think stricter gun control won’t help the situation at all, you are the one who’s naive.

          Look at school shooting statistics in anywhere with strict gun control laws. There’s been 8 school shootings in the US so far THIS YEAR, in 2018. There’s been 8 total in Canada since 2000. The response is always ‘more guns for defense’ and the shootings always rise. NRA puppets.

  7. Rich imminent from a person who bought a doctor to confirm he had spurs in his feet, so that he did not have to go to Vietnam. As a medical miracle they disappeared by wars end.

  8. Donald ” TrumpHasNoBalls ” wouldn’t have run in if he had a ray gun and a force field to protect himself .

  9. We can only wish that he HAD been there, and that he HAD rushed in, unarmed, as he claims he would have….

  10. Just like the time he took down the unarmed protester at his rally in Ohio who rushed the stage while the Donald was taking tough.

    Oh right, he was actually scared shitless, tried hiding behind a podium and was then rescued by secret service.

  11. Watched him give the whole speech, even yelling at the tv like some old person does (I am) and when he said he would rush in even without a gun …. oh my, so many thoughts – my first one was he wouldn’t even rush in if it were his own children in the school! Then as I read other articles and comments I was reminded of his fear of sloped walkways and stairs, eagles, sharks, germs. Best laugh of the day, so far!

  12. @journeyman I am very glad you wife is home and safe. Peace.

  13. H as you are clearly aware this subject hits a cord! Guns don’t kill people, people kill people!
    Create laws to outlaw guns!
    Then only outlaws will have guns!

  14. Teachers should not carry. Students should not carry. Doctors, nurses and candy strippers in hospitals should not pack either. Professionals should carry. We should not turn schools into stockades and have everyone in the country be pistol packing mama and papas in order to protect ourselves from the guns which gun manufacturers want to deliver to ever person, qualifed or not, that they and the NRA can scare to death in order to increase demand for guns, in an effort for the gun manufacturers to make extraordinary profits by selling as many guns as possible.

    People kill. Guns don’t.
    That’s a god damn lie.

    Most every case we find that
    guns in the hands of certain people who
    should never own guns kill people.

    Guns that lay on a bed don’t kill people.

    Mentally ill people with proper medical treatment
    without an AR-15 routinely do not kill people,
    and in most events do not kill people.

    AR-15s and any other automatic rifle or similar gun has no redeeming social value and should not be for
    sale in America to anyone under any circumstance, in that same way that a bazooka, a tank or a live hand grenade should be avaiable for sale although they are “arms.”

    No person should be able to buy a gun of any kind without a backround check designed to accomplish
    the objective of making sure that the person making the purchase is not a felon, is of age, is not mentally ill, has no record of domestic violence, etc.

    All Americans should be educated as to what the Second Amendment provides for before one goes around shooting his or her mouth off as to what it actually provides: It was not until 2010, that the US Sup Ct, for the very first time, applied the Second Amendment’s provision reating to the so-called “right to bear arms,” to the fifty states, via the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment to the US Const. The Second Amendment’s”right to bear arms,” was first applied for the very first time to the Federal govenrment, i.e., Washington, D.C., in 2008, the case of D.C. v Heller.

    In Heller, in a 5-4 opinion written by Scalia, who worked very very hard to reach the conclusion he reach in favor of the right to bear arms, held as follows:

    “We are aware of the problem of handgun violence in this country, and we take seriously the concerns raised by the many amici who believe that prohibition of handgun ownership is a solution. The Constitution leaves the District of Columbia a variety of tools for combating that problem, including some measures regulating handguns, see supra, at 54-55, and n. 26. But the enshrinement of constitutional rights necessarily takes certain policy choices off the table. These include the absolute prohibition of handguns held and used for self-defense in the home.”

    Now key in on that last sentence for it was the last sentence expressly written on the so-called right to bear arms:

    1. The government
    2. cannot absolutely prohibit
    3. handguns held and used for
    4. self-defense
    5. in the home.

    That’s the state of the law of our land. Anything else you hear, read or understand as to the state of the
    national law on this right is bull shit. I won’t elaborate on the gymnastics Scalia was forced to engage in to reach his conclusion which reuired him to ignore the militia langauge of the Second Amendment and prior SCOTUS cases that related to it since the 5-4 to opinion now governs, but if you are interested, see, for example, US v Miller,

    So, AR-15’s are not handguns, used for self-defense in the home, and therefore the government
    can absolutely prohibit the sale of them, period. In fact, if we started tabula rasa, the U.S. government
    and states can absolutely prohibit handguns and longuns not held and used for self-defense in the home.

    • MARTY! So where the hell have you been?? You sound like you might know what the hell you are talking about! HA! I will carry the flag and lead your parade right up to the front door of the WH!

      All these talking heads running their ignorant mouths about “trying to take away our guns” and all their other bullshit – and the smartest humans right now appear to be under the age of 18! It’s not just kids in schools getting killed — thousands of men women and children as a result of guns and hate and mental illness and fear and anger and greed and accidents…the list every day that are hurt or killed by some fool with a gun is out of control.

      I am not against people owning a gun – a reasonable weapon for protection. My neighbor has a few long guns for killing defenseless animals but that is another argument! No AR15’s are used for hunting anything but trouble and other humans. I cannot even begin to understand this ridiculous concept that people have a right to own weapons of mass destruction – and call it legal gun ownership per the 2nd amendment.

      People like trump should not be allowed to speak in public much less sit in the WH and spew his corrupt and ignorant nonsense. Someone with intelligence and courage in our government must hear the voice of the majority of America and put a lid on this crap!

      Thank you for your clear explanation and comment! It should be required reading!

      • Where have I been, Murphy?

        I’ve been watching Trump with the Republicans in tow, essentially welcome the Russians, into and upon our land – without a peep, mind you – to comit acts intended to and resulting in the degradation and diminshing our Union, Democracy, Constittuional rights and protections only to be replaced by an evergrowing right wing European-type government.

        With the appearance of Marion Anne Perrine “Marine” Le Pen, president of the extreme far right French National Front, at CPAC (To Great Applause), who carries on the work of her holocaust denying, Nazi loving father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, CPAC’s new skin evidences the death of the American Republican Party and its Conservative wing, and the arrival of the Trump Autocracy and the Trumpian Right Wing Party.

        That will keep ya busy!

        • I have been referring to the whole lot of those scumbags as Nazis for months already – before that Nazi bitch was here. What is really bizarre is that most of them don’t get it, don’t see, and deny it. If people would search back to some of the first days of crap coming out about Chief Nazi “I would run in without a gun” and that his favorite book – always on his bedside table – was some history of Hitler, the evidence of where his wee brain was long ago. Long list of info on Google about it! He especially loved his speeches which really makes me laugh when you hear the inept and incompetent moron say anything out loud!

          The People of America should be taking this very seriously and do what we have the absolute power to do and VOTE THEM ALL OUT OF OFFICE and icing on the cake would be with Chief Nazi in jail.

  15. We can solve a lot of our nation’s problems by sending Trump in the next time there’s a school shooting

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