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    yeah, he thinks he is a tough mob guy from the streets of NY — pay his monthly ransoms and he won’t shut down your business

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    I read a comment posted by “Heisenberg” on an article about Mario Bartelli, the chef who is having a professional setback due to his lewd (alleged) behavior and the advice given was basically to stop trying for a comeback and just move on, saying that’s what you (the poster) did. It was an interesting comment, good advice too. So I am wondering…[Read more]

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    watching his antics this morning – all morning – the ridiculous pomp on the WH lawn, the dandruff brush & comment, the honorable man sentence — this man is absolutely the most ignorant human on the planet. Truly makes me sick.

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    seems you may have eradicated a couple of postings of no value that were made today by this ass clown egeorgeschaeffer — just a note to say THANK YOU!

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    I am not holding my breath.

  • I was surprised at my failure to answer correctly the first question on The Quiz from The Week — What did Iranians protest at the first anti-regime demonstrations last week? You think you know? You may be surprised!

    (Clue: it’s not what trump thinks it is about)

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    So, how many names does Ed need? This makes 3 that I recognize.

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    H – can you fix my typo PLEASE and eradicate my second msg on your article
    “Stocks Fall, VIX Spikes As DACA News Adds To List Of Worries”

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    thousands of Harvey victims still in shelters here – many thousands of homes completely destroyed – I pray for the people in Irma’s path.

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    about imp and trump, as Marty was saying, so true. It’s like two little bratty kids yelling at each other “your mother is fat” and the reply “your mother is fat and ugly” and the other reply “well your mother is fat ugly and stupid” and the other replies “your mother is fat ugly stupid and short” and this keeps up until dark and will be…[Read more]

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    Of you are watching MSNBC and saw the west side Houston under water – that’s where I live — well, lived. My home is dry but power — all power has been turned off by order of Mayor for safety reasons. Water seems to be electrified and unsafe for rescue people. Things are actually going better than they appear!

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    so, ok, did I do this right? am I here? I now have a name!

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