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ECB Minutes Show Bank Concerned About ‘Premature’ Emancipation (Of Markets)

Happens to a lot of guys.

Happens to a lot of guys.
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1 comment on “ECB Minutes Show Bank Concerned About ‘Premature’ Emancipation (Of Markets)

  1. Curt A Tyner

    “Members agreed that measures of underlying inflation in the euro area had remained subdued, in part owing to special factors, and had yet to show convincing signs of a sustained upward trend.” Yep those special factors included not even looking out the fu*king window or a trip to a real supermarket or actually paying for their own meal with their own fu*king money. What another joke on the citizens of the EU, welcome to the club. If it looks like a lie, smells like a lie, tastes like a lie it must be the truth.

    The world is being duped and lots of people are helping in this gigantic scam and theft of our resources, fake currencies, courts, banksters and their corporate pals who legally??? clean us all out. Everything is too big to fail. If we just deregulate everything the markets will correct to the mean and free trade will win the day. It is all rigged and people in the game know it, more, more, more.

    Poor man wanna be rich,
    Rich man wanna be king,
    And a king ain’t satisfied,
    ’til he rules everything,
    (Badlands,The Boss” 1978)

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