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Robert Mueller Indicts A Dozen Russians For Defrauding America


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10 comments on “Robert Mueller Indicts A Dozen Russians For Defrauding America

  1. So Heisy is Trump still gonna be taken down by Mueller?

    • i mean, i’ve always said this is just a race against time between Trump’s term and the investigation. Obviously, Trump is guilty of obstruction. Collusion is almost impossible to “prove”, but I don’t even thing it matters. The obstruction case is a slam dunk, i’m sure Mueller has him and probably Kushner on money laundering. And then can you imagine how many people in that administration are accidentally guilty just by being in the wrong room at the wrong time? honestly i think what’s taking so long is Mueller trying to figure out which angle to go. but you’ve gotta think: Trump is nearly 73 years old, he’s got less than three years left in his term, he’s got no chance of being reelected. it will take forever to impeach him with this Congress. I wonder if ultimately he won’t just wind up getting charged for money laundering or something like that after his term is over. as far as Kushner and Don Jr. and Carter Page etc., they’ll probably all get charged eventually.

      • the other thing is: how do you prove intent when someone is that big of a moron? I mean I am absolutely sure that not everything Trump has done wrong was intentional. That’s not meant to defend him, it’s just to say that he’s so goddamn stupid that i’m sure it doesn’t occur to him how blatant the obstruction case really is.

        I mean this is a guy who literally obstructs justice in real-time on Twitter. proving intent with someone like that is going to be almost impossible.

        • that was the best 2 paragraphs describing trump i have read so far.
          this man is brain dead to the complexity of world markets and trade.
          he is a factor in the next down turn in the USA/DM markets, and the fed of course.
          EM will survive and thrive well, sooner than we think after we crash. this i am confident of. so is 3 of my 4 advisers.
          350 million + citizen verses 3.5 billion–not a chance in hell.
          lots of luck to all.
          thanks H.

  2. I think Mueller was very careful to not specifically identify “the others known and unknown to the Grand Jury” who participated in the conspiracy. This gives Trump and his zealots to opportunity to proudly claim that “there is no evidence of collusion with the Trump campaign.” Also missing is any reference to hacked DNC e-mails or side agreements to lift Russian sanctions in exchange for help getting Trump elected. The indictment likely makes it impossible for Trump to fire Mueller, while leaving the door open for the final salvo that blows up the Trump Presidency.

    I find it extremely hard to believe that Trump did not know about or encourage Russian interference in the election. Mueller and his team undoubtedly know at this point, but right now they’re just serving up appetizers. The main course is on the way…

  3. I believe that Mueller has trump in the cross hairs and probably for several crimes. I think they stumbled over trump’s years of money laundering while investigating his involvement with Russia’s plan to divert the election to trump’s favor. I believe they discovered a pile of lies and outrageous ploys, all unacceptable behavior for a president of the U.S. I do believe that trump was directly involved with Russia’s illegal activities related to the 2016 election. I do not believe that trump will complete a second year of his term. I hope he leaves in handcuffs. I also hope that Jr and the princess and her husband don’t get to walk away – they deserve to be punished as they have also lied and participated and profited from this scam. The sooner the better!

  4. Its funny that everyone who says Donald Trump is dumb as a fence post turn around and claim he’s a cunning politician orchestrating massive voter fraud with the Russians to get himself elected.

    • The only one I know of that said that is you

    • NOT EVEN CLOSE TO CORRECT! He is as dumb as a fence post and therefore became a toy for Putin to use and manipulate his evil doings. Putin tried similar tricks with Obama but was caught early on and Obama stood nose to nose with him and said “cut it out, we know what you are doing” and threw all of them out of the United States. Look it up. That incident is what the sanctions are all about that trump refuses to pass even with a vote of Congress of 98 to 0. Seems there may be some connection with trump’s refusal and his “love” of Putin.

      You must be one of trump’s deplorables to even use words like “cunning politician orchestrating” anything in the same sentence with his name – which was changed by his German grandfather, Friedrich Drumpf, in Kallstadt, Germany, in 1869.

      It is also fun to note that trump’s father was arrested in a riot of the KKK — and that his current wife’s father is a registered communist, who lives in trump tower in NY and trump refuses to answer any questions about their immigration status.

      Those are all some unusual connections for an American President. Yeah, that’s your guy.

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