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Here’s What Howard Marks Is Thinking About Right Now…

"...a decision to invest today has to rely on the belief that 'it’s different this time.'"

The big homie Howard Marks thinks maybe the media might have taken a little too much in the way of creative license with his July memo. Guilty as charged, Howard. Because by God we certainly jumped at the opportunity to document Marks' reservations (or at least skepticism) with regard to the assumption that the FANG/FAAMG narrative will never die and perhaps more importantly, with the idea that there can never be too much of a good thing when it comes to passive investing. In fact, Howard's "perpetual motion machine" characterization of the dynamic that serves to perpetuate the self-fulfilling nature of modern markets has formed the backbone of many a Heisenberg commentary over the past six months including the "wave paradox" piece.   Well, in his latest memo, Marks notes that "some readers" of his July piece "perceived his stance as ultra-bearish." "This was epitomized by the TV commentator who reported, 'Howard Marks says it’s time to get out,'" he adds. But very much unlike Jeff Gundlach who, in cases like that, would simply take to Twitter to call the financial media "fake news" on the way to positing a massive global conspiracy, Marks decided to take the high road
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1 comment on “Here’s What Howard Marks Is Thinking About Right Now…

  1. Curt Tyner says:

    OK Howard, let’s talk out of both sides of our mouth and distort both messages as the same fu*king thing only in reverse. There I made as much sense as you did.

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