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Yuan-na Bet? Germany, France Add Chinese Yuan To Currency Reserves

Celebrate "diversity".

Celebrate "diversity".
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5 comments on “Yuan-na Bet? Germany, France Add Chinese Yuan To Currency Reserves

  1. So you don’t think that Trump is a big motivator for a shift away from US Treasuries? The first time that the dollar was so quickly trounced, was when Bush 1 attacked Iraq. Now we have a bigger jerk in control of the military, and swaggering around like a fascist racist. That plays well in former nazi country, and Saudi, but not so well everywhere else. So that’s the facts, and until we get something better, it will be interesting to see how long the “smart money” hangs with the dumb ass…fucking down the dollar won’t help the 20% of the voters that actually voted to “make America Great Again” , and when they finally figure out what is happening to them, they will just want to get behind the next phony “christian soldier” who wants to mount a “crusade” against them damn foreigners…

    • A stable reserve currency needs to have predictable, stable policies behind it. Trump is anything but stable and predictable. I live in the US and have been out of the USD for some months now. The writing is on the wall. The real challenge is what currency to hide out in? I am using loonies now.

  2. The twin deficits (budget and trade) matter but IMO you’re conveniently overlooking the demise of the petrodollar under the clusterfuck Obama. That had brilliantly been the lynchpin of US dollar hegemony for almost a half-century since when Nixon closed the gold window.

    I’ve been pounding the table here and elsewhere for a year that USD was going to zero (figuratively speaking)… but it might soon be time to consider accumulating dollars again when the retail crowd all jumps the other way. Use your TA and key levels to plan your entries, exits and stops accordingly.

    Always better to be lucky than good so good luck.

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