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Missing: Jamie Dimon’s Bitcoin Balls. If Found, Please Return To 270 Park Avenue

"I'm not interested that much in the subject at all."

"I'm not interested that much in the subject at all."
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4 comments on “Missing: Jamie Dimon’s Bitcoin Balls. If Found, Please Return To 270 Park Avenue

  1. Anonymous

    Wait, you’re calling out Dimon? Where’s your daily FUD’ing? Where has our adorable little BTC bear, doomsday zero gone? You old farty white guys are ridiculous.

  2. Dimon does seem to exhibit lack confidence in his own former analysis of private cryptocurrencies. However, his analysis is slowly proving correct . Perhaps that’s why he is less combative – he is a graceful winner.

    If you look at Google Trends, searches in – BitCoin, cryptocurrencies and indirectly related – Instagram Stories, Snapchat Stories (supposed major new tech equity trends in advertising and marketing in social media) – the Internet’s public search interest in them – all have peaked and gone down since mid Dec. More convincingly, these search trends have pretty well tracked the peaks and then pricing declines seen for GBTC and NYSE Bitcoin Index. Cryptocurrency mania seems to have peaked. Given the current massive international gov. and major financial company moves against crypts – it shouldn’t be surprising.

    For that matter major social media influence in general seems to be waning – or at least seeking and or moving on to the next new shinny social focus. FB and others are losing traction and their demographics are shifting to the less economically influential consumers. While advertisers and marketers are slow on the uptake of these trends – especially on how to quantify their impacts on sales (always the problem with social media influence) the advertising migration away from big social media has begun.

    Perhaps the most informative (showing its crystal ball limitations) of Google Trends search shown in the “Trending Searches” – search. This trend gives the most recent search topic popularity, ranking and trends. It is pretty much always dominated by media celebs, sports results, and social media topics – and yesterday and today rankings are no different.

    This ranking also and unfortunately gives you a “sad” view of the intellectual curiosity and depth of the Google Search and general internet using public. Given this lack of intellectual curiosity depth and focus – it isn’t hard to see why private cryptocurrencies have had irrational popularity with the uninformed – and or why a similar vacuous public/voter population elected the grossly incapable and incompetent Trump. There are some things we would just rather not know about the human race, but apparently need to know “bigly.”

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