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Trump Threatens To Nuke North Korea Using His Bigger, More Powerful, Working ‘Button’

Well fast forward to Tuesday evening and Donald Trump has just unleashed what is easily his most egregious tweet ever.

Oh, dear lord.

Earlier today, we documented what might very fairly be called one of Donald Trump’s most unhinged morning Twitter tirades in the short history of his presidency.

Starting at roughly 7:00 a.m. ET, the leader of the free world launched into what we described as a “marvelously schizophrenic string of non sequiturs” that started with Iran, devolved quickly into a conspiracy theory about his own Justice Department’s role in a deep state plot to undermine the White House, and concluded with 500 characters worth of withering criticism aimed at the New York Times.


“Nope, nothing crazy about any of that,” we quipped, adding that it was “just the President of the United States spending the first three hours of the work week having a schizophrenic, self-aggrandizing social media meltdown.”

Well fast forward to Tuesday evening and Donald Trump has just unleashed what is easily his most egregious tweet ever. Have a look:


That of course references something Kim said during his annual New Year’s Day address. Specifically, the young despot reminded the world that Pyongyang’s nuclear arsenal is now complete and warned that the “launch button is always on the desk in my office.”

But during that same address, he took an uncharacteristically conciliatory approach to the South, offering to send a delegation to the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang next month.

That was a remarkable step forward and it was greeted warmly by Seoul.

One question that remained unanswered was how Donald Trump would react to thawing relations between North and South while Kim stood firm on his nuclear ambitions.

Well now we know.

It goes without saying that the tweet shown above is absolutely egregious and is indicative of why some lawmakers on Capitol Hill recently held a hearing on the President’s authority to unilaterally call for a nuclear strike.

Something tells us we might have just seen what will turn out to be Trump’s most liked tweet of 2018. Because if last year was any indication, his followers love the prospect of nuclear war…



19 comments on “Trump Threatens To Nuke North Korea Using His Bigger, More Powerful, Working ‘Button’

  1. So every day we wake to a shit show. Every single fucking day this dildo sucks all the breathable air out of a very large room. I wait for him to unzip and show us his purple nut sack. Please crazy man, just get it over with; one year more will be intolerable. I’ve never wished ill for anyone in my life……

  2. You’re forgetting that Agent Orange’s mentor was that other doddering, senile crazy dotard (who also had a silly sounding name) who spoofed pressing the nuclear button to ‘end’ the USSR. Sadly the Trumpttweet that will generate over a million likes from his followers will be the picture of him activating the nuclear football if/when he actually does go ahead and murder a few hundred thousand people….

  3. I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue

  4. Lance that is classic. Well boys pull’em out and put’em on the table we’ll measure’em there. Kim is young dumb and full of cum, our guy is old, fat and full of sh*t. Not good.

  5. It won’t be long before trump will seize the opportunity to bask in the glory of having reunited North and South Korea to having spoken for the first time in __?__ years and he will tell of how he masterminded the event. Maybe I should bet a few bitcoins on this?!

  6. Heis,
    You can hate Pres. Trump like the writers above or you can like him; either way it’s a fact that under his regime North Korea is willing to come to the table – not under Obama or Bush. The trump haters diatribes would have more weight if they acknowledged an occasional good thing when it happens. Not Egregious- just Trump playing hardball.

    • Dear ed, you really need to lay off the trump kool aid. trump is a criminal and you must be an idiot.

      • Ed, under Trump, North Korea has completed their nuclear arsenal and in case you haven’t noticed, they haven’t “come to the table.”

        Instead, they’ve become increasingly provocative. Just look at the frequency of their provocations for God’s sake.

        What table do you see them coming to? If they negotiate now, it’s because they’ve reached their goal. They’ve got ballistic missiles that can hit anywhere (basically) on the U.S. mainland.

        Trump is not “playing hardball.” Trump is being an imbecile and thanks to that, North Korea is more capable than they’ve ever been.

        That’s the objective reality. You’re living in a fantasy world.

        You say “it’s a fact,” but it’s just not. There have been no negotiations. No one has sat at a table. You’re making things up.

        You’re just regurgitating Trump’s Twitter feed. There is absolutely no sense in which you are correct. You are literally lying to yourself.

        • Heis,
          No, North Korea has NOT completed their nuclear arsenal. estimates show vehicle didn’t survive re-entry.

          No, they are not more provocative. they are worried that they will NOT be able to complete their program because of Trumps actions and therefore have attempted to speed up work of their launch failures.

          No, their ballistic missiles melt down during re-entry as it now stands.

          No, they would not agree to any negotiations if in fact they reached their goal.

          Pres. Trump has forced them into reconsidering how they proceed before sanctions destroy them.

          Objectively, your dissatisfaction of all things Trump does not allow you to see things as they are. Truth is Trump says things that could be left unsaid much of the time but his results in Governing are actually quite impressive.

          You will not find any response from me to you that says “it’s a fact.” and that’s a

          Lying to myself? Don’t think so, but, you give me pause.

          • you literally have no idea what you’re talking about. either that, or you’re too far gone. this: “they are not more provocative” is absolutely, positively false. look at the time line of events. you’re citing that reentry thing as if that’s the deciding factor here. do you not think they are actively figuring that out right now? they have done nothing but ratchet up the rhetoric, continue to launch ballistic missile after ballistic missile, they conducted their largest nuke test to date, the launched missiles literally over Japan, they threatened to nuke Guam, and they called Trump every name in the book just like they have every other U.S. leader. you are saying things that are not based on reality and fly in the face of what experts on North Korea all say. and you know what? it’s not surprising that you would be doing that because after all, Trump was out this morning tweeting about this again. you’re just parroting his goddamn twitter account.

      • Murphy,
        He’s a New Yorker. Is that the same thing?

  7. also: statistical evidence that Trump’s tweets make the market more nervous than actual missile launches or, in other words, statistical evidence that the market (as measured by the VIX) thinks Trump is crazier than Kim:

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