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Stocks Tried To Lie To Jeff Gundlach – And You Can’t Lie To Jeff Gundlach

In the end, the "truth" will prevail.

Look, we’ve been over this before and we’ll go over it as many times at it takes for people to understand it: there is a national (and probably international) conspiracy against DoubleLine boss (and man who took Twitter lessons from Donald Trump) Jeff Gundlach.

Like all good conspiracies, it’s not 100% clear what everyone’s motives are nor is it clear who all of the participants are. We’ve documented this extensively in these pages in the roughly six months since Jeff took to Twitter in an effort to expose this global smear campaign by subjecting it to 140-character doses of “truth.”

You can read the full back story in our Gundlach archive, but suffice to say that so far, he’s identified nearly a dozen of the co-conspirators in the semi-global anti-Jeff plot, and the list of “guilty” parties includes everyone from the Wall Street Journal to a gang of “crass hucksters” who sold him $1 million of fake red wine.


Well over the past couple of days, Jeff has put his roughly 39,000 Twitter followers on notice that he’s identified yet another situation where “someone” is lying to him. And the thing about lying to (and most especially about) Gundlach is that while you might be able to get away with it for a relatively short period of time, the charade will ultimately prove to be an exercise in futility because Jeff’s Twitter handle is @TruthGundlach and by very definition, you cannot lie to someone who has made himself synonymous with “truth.”

Ok, so up until Thursday, Gundlach wasn’t sure “who” was lying, but he did know that either stocks or junk bonds were trying to deceive the market and by extension (because Jeff is a market participant), trying to lie to Gundlach. To wit:


Exactly. “Which is right?” Or, put differently: “who is telling untruths?”

Because someone has to be lying when the historically positive correlation between high-flying tech stocks and the performance of JNK breaks down like it had going into Thursday:


But again: you can’t lie to Gundlach. The market had unwittingly embarked on an exercise in futility. You can’t lie to the truth. And the truth is Gundlach. Lying to Gundlach isn’t just impossible, it’s illogical:


And even if you initially get away with it like the “crass hucksters” who bilked him out of enough money to buy 3 lightly-used Lamborghinis by selling him a 67 bottles of fake Bordeaux, you’ll learn what happens to liars even if he has to hire a “world-renowned expert” to “test” a 1928 Latour, a 1947 Cheval Blanc, and a magnum of 1961 Petrus on the way to suing your ass in California state court, thus exposing you to the righteous light of “truth” and outing you for the despicable scoundrel that you most certainly are.

So given all of the above, it should come as absolutely no surprise to you that, under immense pressure from Gundlach’s truth-telling Twitter account, stocks finally buckled – the Nasdaq 100 fell 0.5% on Thursday after an overnight global equity rout.

The liar was exposed.

The blinds were lifted.


So let that be a lesson to all the “crass hucksters” out there. There is no future in being a liar.

Because in the end, the “truth” will prevail – “per usual.”






2 comments on “Stocks Tried To Lie To Jeff Gundlach – And You Can’t Lie To Jeff Gundlach

  1. Funny article, but I think he’s right…….if Junk goes down heavy, so will stocks.

  2. Peter McGee

    LOL…we going to get double-crossed?

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