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Here Are 5 Geopolitical Risk Factors For Oil

Whither black gold...

Whither black gold...
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2 comments on “Here Are 5 Geopolitical Risk Factors For Oil

  1. Suggest some chilling takes place….MbS is only a “hawk” because he’s been beating up easy 3rd world targets in Yemen. Israel might “like” to take on Hezbollah and straighten out Lebanon…but they’ve been down that path before and there’s little real, sustained upside to it and a world of downside shit. Also…they are not about to put lives on the line to satisfy the overstuffed ambitions of a Saudi trying to create his bona fides to be the King of a desperate and dying Kingdom…

    MbS is NOT dealing with corruption he’s collecting bank accounts and assets…I’d bet the loot from these arrests will end up being 7-8 billion bucks or more. I’d suggest that he have a Come to Mohammed moment very shortly and accept he has an untested and problematic military force that the Iranians will carve up in short order…long with a great deal of SA oil assets. This is just another blowhard fat boy who…along with his Royal entourage, will learn soon that real power comes out of the working end of a devastating military machine and not a Swiss Bank account.

    Oil supply, however, is still vulnerable to the delusional and stupid in the Middle East. The REAL impetus, however, are the impersonal forces of shale depletion, a minuscule reserve replacement portfolio across the world…and problem child nations (Venezuela, Nigeria, Libya..etc..etc) that can go from a lot to nothing while we’re snoozing.

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