Strategist: ‘Asian Asset Boom’ Has One More Round To Go

Strategist: ‘Asian Asset Boom’ Has One More Round To Go

Well now, apparently, "just increased certainty around the direction of U.S. rates" is a bull thesis for EM all by itself. I mean, there's something to that - you don't really want "decreased" clarity around the direction of U.S. rates - but the second bullet point in the latest missive from Bloomberg's Mark Cudmore comes across as uncomfortably close to suggesting that somehow a more hawkish Fed would be good for emerging market flows (and flows into risk assets more generally) simply by virtu
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One thought on “Strategist: ‘Asian Asset Boom’ Has One More Round To Go

  1. First, Asian assets do not equate to emerging markets. The former range from frontier markets to best-in-class developed markets and everything inbetween including emerging.

    Second, in the long run, Asian assets have lots more left in the tank than just “one more round”. The world better hope so too, because without growth from Asia and EM, where else will growth come from?

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