‘Nightmare Scenario’: 2.1 Million Dead If North Korea Conducts Nuclear Strike On Seoul, Tokyo

‘Nightmare Scenario’: 2.1 Million Dead If North Korea Conducts Nuclear Strike On Seoul, Tokyo

Last weekend, Donald Trump racked up a truly "impressive" tally of egregious tweets - even by Trump-ian standards. And while the 140-character insults he hurled at Puerto Rico grabbed most of the headlines, it was the following one-two tweet-punch that was perhaps the most disconcerting: For one thing, he's "crafting" (if you want to call it that) America's foreign policy on the fly and disseminating it with no filter and without any vetting on social media. And on top of that, he's undermin
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6 thoughts on “‘Nightmare Scenario’: 2.1 Million Dead If North Korea Conducts Nuclear Strike On Seoul, Tokyo

  1. Please keep stoking the fire!!
    H have you just stopped for one minute to consider that you and your ilk are as much the problem?
    Well of course you have!
    As you are well aware that kind of stuff just doesn’t sell.
    When you eventually get to the other side( in a box)
    It will be fun to here you explain!
    But this won’t happen until you personally are in the fox hole!

  2. That’s right Walt!!

    You’re stoking the fire by pointing out that by Trump, either inadvertently or advertently, could easily provoke Kim into preemptively attacking and causing countless deaths to innocent allies!!

    Yes, Walter Heisenberg you should be ashamed!!

    By posting Carter’s article which seeks to bring the parties together in an effort to achieve a peaceful resolution instead of using over the top empty threats, name calling and the use of bullying military exercises which obviously rang hollow by prompting Kim to send two missiles over Japanese territory, Everybody on Trump’s side of things calls Kim crazy. Well then, let’s assume our fearless leader and his followers are correct: Kim is crazy. Who in their right mind taunts and belittles a crazy man known to starve millions of his own people, who killed his own uncle, who had done much worse and possesses deliverable nuclear weapons?

    Well, of course, a fucking moron.

    1. Time to bring a dose of reality to the conversation..First..Trump is correct in his approach to Jong-Un
      ..he has him guessing and thinking. If that’s being on “Trump’s side” on this point..so what? In fact, it is the other side who are consistently calling Jong-Un crazy and out of control. Ring a bell?

      The United States has played the Diplomatic Chump for 30 years….and in that time a destitute, isolated and technologically illiterate nation has managed to develop to a finished product a nuclear arsenal with a variety of throw weights and target capacities. Every attempt at civilized conversation and Western rational negotiation has been shown to be ineffective..as ineffective as the worst President since Woodrow Wilson..the incredibly hapless Jimmy Carter.

      Carter proposed we actually sit down with a nation that demands a multitude of concessions and proposed that No. Korea offer what??? Jimmy says..a smile and a handshake does it for me!

      Part of the hysteria surrounding this issue is the ridiculous notion that No. Korea will “nuke” Seoul and 2 million will die. They are not nuking the US..Seoul..or anyone else…That is precisely what I mean when I sati is the anti Trump fixated who believe Kimbo is a loony..he is NOT…

      Jong-Un is clever and calculating…he knows..that any nuclear strike undoes his regime and what he eventually wants..a very high profit exportable..packaged..nuclear arsenal to go! This entire bogus narrative is being used to discredit a very fragile and difficult man..Trump. A man who never should have been elected..and also the only President we have had who might settle this issue..

      By the by..the only solution to the No. Korea “conundrum” is to eliminate Kimbo…China will assist readily if we make the correct case in the correct way. What’s it worth to the perpetual miners to really end this? Jimmy Carter was a joke as President..he is more than a joke now.

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