‘Truth-Loving Soul’ Jeff Gundlach Tweets 140 Characters Of Pure Bullshit

Listen, here’s the thing: Jeff Gundlach is “a scorpion” in search of “truth-loving souls.”

And don’t take my word for it, just ask Jeff’s Twitter handle, which you know you can trust because it’s called @TruthGundlach:



Now those tweets might seem bizarre to you, but that’s only because you don’t understand that there’s a long-running conspiracy against Gundlach. This has been going on for months and maybe even for years, although because it’s a conspiracy, it’s difficult to pin down an exact time line.


Once you understand how deep this plot goes, those seemingly unhinged, Trump-ish tweets will make sense. We’re not going to trace this all the way to its roots because again, it’s not possible to know how it all got started, and also because it would take all damn day. Those interested can take the tour via our Gundlach archive here, but for the purposes of this post, just know that Jeff has identified the following people and organizations as being somehow involved:

  • “competitors” (who have set up fake Gundlach Twitter handles in an effort to undermine his credibility and confuse people who are trying to find the real Jeff in the Twitterverse)
  • “haters and fakers” (who are hating and faking)
  • Jim Cramer and Joe Kernen (“the alliteration twins” who are lying about Jeff on national television)
  • Bloomberg (who “jams” Jeff’s name into articles that have nothing to do with him in order to create Gundlach “clickbait”)
  • Bloomberg again (for refusing to cover a story about variable annuities that Jeff swears to Christ is important)
  • Business Insider (which “used to be ok” but is now “sad”)
  • Cameron Crise (“who?!”)
  • a California wine merchant (who sold Jeff “at least” 67 bottles of fake Bordeaux and is run by “crass hucksters!”)
  • @Jimmyjude13 (who, despite Jeff’s protestations, thinks the only think to do in Buffalo is “jerk off”)
  • the Wall Street Journal, which has been paid off by rivals to produce shoddy journalism about Jeff and his firm

That last one (in bold) is key.

See, WSJ is out to get Jeff. And they’re employing the same tactics that the #fakenews media employs in its efforts to smear Donald Trump. Here is an exhaustive list of those tactics:

  • reporting facts

The ultimate irony in Jeff’s five-month-old Twitter odyssey is that although he said at the outset that he joined Twitter because he felt it was necessary to combat all the “fake” Gundlach news people were spreading, he repeatedly says things that either aren’t true or,at the very least, represent a stretching of the truth. So in other words, he’s a lot like Donald Trump.

Witness this from Jeff out just a few minutes ago:


Yes, “happy birthday Todd at MarketWatch” who is, according to Jeff, “one of the last of a dying breed of objective, intellectually honest financial reporters.”

Here’s the thing though. Marketwatch is of course under the same umbrella as the Wall Street Journal. That would be the same Wall Street Journal that Gundlach has spent the better part of two months maligning.

But beyond that, Todd isn’t “at Marketwatch.” Rather, Todd is “at” CFRA, an independent research group.

By extension, that means Todd isn’t a reporter either.

Literally none of that tweet from @TruthGundlach is “true.”

And then, to add insult to injury, this crossed just 37 minutes later:


That comes after Gundlach said this just yesterday at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit in Los Angeles. :

I actually have a very non-consensus point of view. I think it’s going to be Neel Kashkari.

So while Jeff may well have “met many good, truth-loving souls” in his life, he is himself definitely not one of them.


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