Steve Mnuchin Thinks Maybe Free Speech Is Something You Do ‘On Your Own Time’

Steve Mnuchin Thinks Maybe Free Speech Is Something You Do ‘On Your Own Time’

Well if Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin thought the backlash was bad from reports surrounding his questionable use of government planes and his trophy wife’s “Marie Antoinette” social media boondoggle, he’s about the find out that public opinion can always get worse.

Mnuchin probably should have known better than to step in the middle of the increasingly ridiculous feud between Donald Trump and the professional sports community (which started on Friday evening and escalated over the weekend).

For one thing, the whole thing is comically absurd and injecting yourself into comically absurd situations has a way of backfiring in spectacular fashion. But beyond that, people are predisposed to being angry at ol’ Steven right now, so if the administration was looking for someone to trot out to the public, Mnuchin was a bad choice.


Whatever the case, he went on national TV this morning and said this:

Yeah. Clearly, that is an absolute PR disaster.

And this is already going horribly awry for Trump as players kneel across the league in protest.

You can bet this is far from over and Steve Mnuchin just made things immeasurably worse.

You’re reminded that this is a man who flew a government jet to Washington last month following Trump’s infamous Charlottesville presser. That flight cost tax payers $25,000. He also requested a plane for his honeymoon. Here’s his excuse for the August flight:

There are times when I need secure communications to be in touch with the president and the National Security Council. I had a secure call that day that was critical and set up and needed to be done at that time, and that’s why I used the plane.

Anybody buyin’ that? And before you say “no,” remember that you, as a taxpayer, literally did “buy” it.


Looks like his Yale classmates may need to start drafting a new letter.


9 thoughts on “Steve Mnuchin Thinks Maybe Free Speech Is Something You Do ‘On Your Own Time’

    1. Yes but he’s an elite and entitled to steal taxpayer money for his own purposes and say whatever he wants because he matters. Plebs should stay quiet and stop leaching off the state because they don’t matter.

  1. Steve Mnuchin will have to go into “private equity” after his service to the “Fourth Reich” is over. No investment bank or any publicly traded company for that matter, would dare to hire him.

  2. Um yeah, so it is the owners time that they paying the players, and they are supportive, so why doesn’t “Socialist Steve” give it a break.

  3. Trump and his confederacy of dunces (Mnuchin, Huckabee Sanders, etc) in their puerile, ham-fisted, knuckleheaded way, may just succeed in doing the impossible: uniting the American people (against Trump). I’m a huge NBA fan, and up until yesterday Stephen Curry was one of my least favorite players. Today I’m looking at Curry in an entirely different light.

    Still can’t stand Draymond Green, though….

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