Mueller Asks White House To Produce Documents On Trump’s Actions As President: NYT

In case it wasn’t clear to you that the walls are closing in on this administration, The New York Times is out reporting that Robert Mueller has now asked the White House to produce documents related to the actions Trump has taken as President.

In a story out just moments ago, The Times, citing White House officials, says the special counsel is looking to obtain documentation of Trump’s “most scrutinized actions since taking office, including the firing of his national security adviser and F.B.I. director.”

Additionally, Mueller wants to know more about the meeting Trump held in the Oval Office with Lavrov and Kislyak the day after Comey was fired.


You remember that meeting, right? That would be the one where Trump reportedly called Comey “a crazy nut job” and insisted that by firing him, he had taken some of the pressure off in terms of the ongoing investigation into his administration’s ties to The Kremlin. That would also be the meeting that produced the following super-fun photo op: 


The document requests provide the most details to date about the breadth of Mr. Mueller’s investigation, and show that several aspects of his inquiry are focused squarely on Mr. Trump’s behavior in the White House,” The Times writes, adding that “in recent weeks, Mr. Mueller’s office sent a document to the White House that detailed 13 different areas that investigators want more information about.”

That, apparently, sent administration lawyers scrambling to find out if there are any emails or other “notes” hanging around that might pertain to Mueller’s requests.

Between this, and the news that Paul Manafort’s “wires were tapped” for years including during periods when he regularly talked to Trump, this bodes particularly poorly and proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the President himself is squarely in the crosshairs.

Dear Mr. President: “you better hope there are no tapes.”


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