‘We Fear Gold, Bonds, And Stock Prices May All Suffer A Sudden Drop’

Well, if rampant money printing inflates the value of financial assets and strengthens the appeal of gold as a hedge against the kind of nightmarish, hyperinflationary reality one might expect to result from running the fiat presses at full-tilt for the better part of a decade, then the converse must also be true, right? As Pimco’s Anthony Crescenzi put it this week, "it’s illogical to think that quantitative easing would help markets but quantitative tightening won’t hurt." So is it eq

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3 thoughts on “‘We Fear Gold, Bonds, And Stock Prices May All Suffer A Sudden Drop’

  1. Horsesh*t. The Fed is such a control freak and will NOT let this market crash until there is no choice, which is going to be sooner rather than later.

  2. I own both the BX tips fund and also actual TIPS bonds. I am considering buying some UVXY as a hedge for my dividend holdings. What are your thoughts about UVXY in this market? Will general liquidity in all exchanges for stocks & bonds dry up when the panic button is pressed? What is your take, H.?

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