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North Korea Fires Missile Over Japan, S&P Futs Fall, Yen Rises

Ok, well there goes Friday...

Ok, well there goes Friday.

Seemingly confirming reports out earlier today that suggested Kim was “locked and loaded”, North Korea has fired another missile.

Japan issued missile alerts to mobile phones and on national television a few minutes ago and Yonhap has confirmed, saying that the North fired an unidentified projectile toward the east this morning from Pyongyang.


“N. Korea launched one missile that passed over Japan’s northermost island of Hokkaido from 7:04am to 7:06am local time, and landed ~2,000km off Hokkaido in the Pacific,” Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told reporters in Tokyo.

Here’s the the Japanese government’s alert message (J-alert) notifying citizens of a ballistic missile launch by North Korea as seen on a television screen in Tokyo, Japan September 15, 2017 (via Reuters):


Japan says it hasn’t confirmed any damage or debris falling in its territory.

Here are the bullet point details:

  • Missile was launched at 6:57am local time; passed over Hokkaido at 7:06am, according to Japan
  • Missile situation similar to that of Aug. 29, Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga says, according to national broadcaster NHK
  • Suga to brief media at 7:30am local time, Kyodo reports
  • South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in to chair national security meeting, according to Yonhap
  • Japan didn’t attempt to shoot down missile, national broadcaster NHK reports
  • USD/JPY drops as much as 0.6% to 109.56

S&P futs are getting hit:


Nikkei futures are under pressure as well:


And USDJPY (which was jittery all day on Thursday) quickly fell before recovering a bit:


More to come…


2 comments on “North Korea Fires Missile Over Japan, S&P Futs Fall, Yen Rises

  1. bigbritheacguy0001

    Looks like it’s time to give that unruly child a good swat…

  2. This report cannot be correct! The US just got a “deal..” Right? A real, UN certified deal.
    Well..they’ll be made to pay for THIS…or maybe not.

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