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Rangappa: How States’ Rights Became Trump’s Achilles Heel

"Either way, Trump may soon learn that the “states’ rights” ostensibly represented by the monuments and flags he reveres includes the power to bring his campaign team — and even him — to justice."

"Either way, Trump may soon learn that the “states’ rights” ostensibly represented by the monuments and flags he reveres includes the power to bring his campaign team — and even him — to justice."
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3 comments on “Rangappa: How States’ Rights Became Trump’s Achilles Heel

  1. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. Check.

    Next up: Cyrus Vance, Jr.: Manhattan District Attorney.

    Vance’s offices are a fifteen minute drive to Schneiderman’s Manhattan office. As you would expect the two have cooperate and coordinated on matters in the past. Better yet, you can take a cab from Vance’s office a have him drive along the FDR and arrive at Trump Tower in 20 minutes!

    Vance’s office has a formidable Investigation Division and highly regarded group of trial lawyers. To get a quick understanding of their breadth and depth:

    “The Investigation Division of the New York County District Attorney’s Office is a recognized leader in white collar and organized crime prosecutions. Within our jurisdiction lies one of the world’s centers for global trade and finance. This has led to a role for the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office that is unusual for a local prosecutor. Because so many of the world’s financial transactions pass through New York’s markets, we have jurisdiction to pursue cases that other local prosecutors cannot. Indeed, one of our core philosophies is that the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has an obligation to police the financial markets to root out fraud. We accomplish this by launching proactive investigations that target individuals and entities who misuse our financial institutions for illicit purpose, or whose conduct undermines the integrity and stability of our financial institutions and markets. International money laundering, investment and securities fraud schemes, frauds perpetrated on the markets themselves, and cybercrime and computer security threats are a few such areas.”*

    “Because of our geographic jurisdiction, we are able to bring cases addressing criminal conduct anywhere in the United States or around the world that make use of New York’s financial institutions. Our cases targeting the use of New York banks to defeat economic sanctions by rogue regimes and foreign banks are examples of the scope of our jurisdiction and the application of our broad mandate. Since 2009, three cases involving three large international banks have led to the seizure of more than $1.1 billion. Beyond the funds recovered, these cases have changed practices in international banking, and have helped make us more secure against the threats of terror finance and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.”

    Mueller, Schneiderman, Vance.
    Hopefully they’ll drag his ass back to NYC where he belongs.



    • I’m thinking Preet Bharara has had a few conversations with Mr. Schneiderman and Mr. Vance and Mr. Mueller. Trump thinks he conquered one potential land mine when he fired Bharara. All he really did was set him free to dine with Mueller, et al. 🙂

  2. Okay. So a friend that follows the site, thanks to me and of course H, asks why I persist with this Vance business. In case you’re wondering, it’s simple. The offices of AG Schneiderman and DA Vance are by law granted jurisdiction over the investigation and prosecution of criminal cases. However, Schneiderman’s jurisdiction over criminal matters is limited to certain categories of cases as can be seen here. Vance’s jurisdiction is not so limited. Given that Trump Tower is located smack dab in the middle of Manhattan and that’s where Trump lives and where his HQ was and is located, it makes no sense for Vance not to be included in the investigation.

    On the other hand, Schneiderman has offices throughout the state and has the power to bring criminal cases within his jurisdiction in every one of the 52 counties to the extent that criminality occurred within said county. That’s important since, aside from Manhattan, counties like Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and Long Island (which is colloquially used to refer to Nassau County and Suffolk County) are five of the 52 counties and may very well be places where criminality transpired.

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