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Bannon’s War: Breitbart Takes Aim, Calls Paul Ryan A ‘Leftist’ In Absurd New Post

In a piece that carries the InfoWars-ish title "Paul Ryan Throws In With The Leftists To Attack President Trump's Pardon", Steve Bannon's propaganda machine writes the following...

“Good” old Steve Bannon is keeping his promise to go to “war” with the GOP after being ousted from 1600 Pennsylvania by what Sebastian Gorka dubbed, in his own resignation letter, “forces that do not support the MAGA promise.”

As noted on Saturday, Paul Ryan joined a chorus of voices criticizing Trump’s decision to pardon Joe Arpaio, a pardon we would later learn was necessary because – and I can’t even believe I’m saying this – Jeff Sessions wouldn’t let Trump pressure the government to drop the case against the Sheriff ahead of time.

Well now, Breitbart is taking aim.

In a piece that carries the InfoWars-ish title “Paul Ryan Throws In With The Leftists To Attack President Trump’s Pardon“, Steve Bannon’s propaganda machine writes the following:

House Speaker Paul Ryan has thrown in with leftists to rip President Donald J. Trump for pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Ryan’s move to throw in against the president’s decision comes along with several Democrats, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi among them, leveling similar criticisms.

This comes after Ryan similarly threw in with leftists to criticize President Trump’s response to Charlottesville, running to leftist media outlet CNN to say in a town hall that the president “messed up” during his press conference at Trump Tower in New York City earlier this month when he bashed the media and violent leftists as well as neo-Nazis and the KKK.

Ryan’s decision to continue undermining the president in key moments of his presidency matches his behavior during the campaign. Ryan is not someone who has ever been supportive of the president.

Obviously, that is a comically absurd spin job. Paul Ryan isn’t “throwing in with the leftists” by criticizing Trump’s response to Charlottesville and the Arpaio pardon any more than America was “throwing in with the Communists” in the effort to defeat the Third Reich.

The more accurate headline might be: “Paul Ryan States The Obvious About Trump’s Charlottesville Response, Sheriff Pardon.”

Additionally, there’s something highly amusing about Breitbart calling the Democrats “obstructionists” when Steve Bannon has quite literally suggested that his agenda going forward is going to revolve around making sure absolutely nothing gets done on Capitol Hill unless it expressly aligns with his “economic nationalist” agenda.

Anyway, we thought this was appropriate…


12 comments on “Bannon’s War: Breitbart Takes Aim, Calls Paul Ryan A ‘Leftist’ In Absurd New Post

  1. Anonymous

    The BEST of SNL, the Weekend Update has found a special spot as a separate little newsy show – those guys do an incredible job and their “guests” are always a hoot! Loved it! Thanks!

    – Murphy

    p.s. oh, almost forgot….FUCK BANNON.

  2. Anton Sommer

    looking toward this theater played in US politics now, from my german perspective, I am deeply deeply concerned. Reading your numerous articles a pattern starts to appear. DT ist “president” , but in reality he is a puppet…of people represented by BREITBART. If “good old Washington” is unable to do away with Trump within a year, I truly fear the US will end up in another civil war. “They the oldstyled whites, the creatonists, on one side against the “progressive, liberal and globalistic minded business people on the other side. What I personally cannot understand is how long these business gentleman from GOLDMAN (Mnuchin, Cohn) or EXXON (Tillerson) and others remain on their assigned job without openly resisting against DT’s tirades.

    • Actually, despite what it may look like, the civil war you’re talking about is not going to happen. This is the last throes of the last civil war 157 years after its beginning. “The Final Stand” so to speak, for the “the oldstyled (sic) whites, the creatonists (sic).” Heck, by 2050 whites will be the minority in the U.S. Trump’s rhetoric and actions towards latinos will affect the Republicans the way Thurmond, Goldwater, Nixon, and the “Southern Strategy” rhetoric and actions towards blacks affected the Republicans. The party that attracts the Latino vote controls the future. The Republicans’ tepit talk by a few and lack of action regarding ridding the government of Trump by all is making the Latinos’ voting choice easy.

  3. Okay so I bit but got: “The uploader has not made this video available in your country”.

    So it looks like it’s probably just a load of propaganda lies that won’t stand up to any international scrutiny.

    • Anonymous

      Irb, are you referring to the video in the article above? What country are you in? This video is the comedy sketch for the opening of SNL Weekend News Update. Was on television NBC Saturday night, 8/26/2017. Try YouTube. Just trying to help but not sure what it is that you were trying to view.

      – Murphy

      • It’s the video in this article piece above. Thanks for trying to help but it’s unavailable on youtube where I am (blocked at the source, not at this end). I’m an expat with office based in singapore, living (taxfree) on my nearby island under the flag & protection of malaysia, which for that privilege charges me 6% tax on anything I import, so not entirely taxfree but that’s it (plus a low percentage stamp duty and “foreign buyer tax” for my property purchases… in Asia unless you have an Asian parent or spouse, then you’re usually still a “foreigner” regardless of your legal status here, lol).

    • LOL. it’s a Saturday Night Live sketch. So your comment is absurd.

      • Anonymous

        Is Irb a trump supporter and trying to throw some shade? and not a resident of U.S.? hahaha!

        – Murphy

      • Nope I’m no trump supporter LOL (although I was initially hopeful for his proposed tax reform and repeal/replacement of obamacare, which sadly for America have fallen victim to political infighting), but like many here in this region I despised hillary clinton. I’m pleased to have moved 10,000+ miles away from them and that circus, punting my passport and status. IMHO the future is over here, not there… bet your children’s future on it.

  4. Anonymous

    Irb, you are just a bit on the freaky side. Are you hiding from something or someone? LOL! So if you are so removed from all “this” and it is so much better for you now – why the hell are you reading and writing all your crap? Your description of your life sounds horrible to me! What you know or think about any candidate for any office in the United States is completely irrelevant – and you only know from what you read and who you read. Your opinion of any candidate is based on what people have told you. Do us all a favor and keep your distance!

    – Murphy

    • I’m here – “here” meaning both reading this blog and located in Singapore – for reasons of high finance, something you apparently have limited knowledge about by virtue of calling it “horrible” here (per it’s the second freest and the second wealthiest nation in the world, surpassed only by Qatar which is a top oil center rather than a top financial hub). So not at all “horrible”, LOL. Especially if you’re lucky enough to live in Sentosa or the offshore tropical malaysian islands (breezy 28 degrees every day of the year and outside of any hurricane or earthquake zones). Lots of great expats of various background here from around the world and some amazing hedge fund & international money managers, too.

      As for keeping my distance and opinions to myself, I believe that decision belongs to me and the owner of this blog. But I do apologize if I offended you as that was not my intent, however that apology does not extend to a political observation of mine which may or may not happen to agree with yours.

      • IRB, like I just said on another one of your comments this morning, I almost feel sorry for you. almost.

        So, run along and join all your rich run-a-way friends and count your money. I am happy you have found a place that accepts you. Enjoy your life.

        – Murphy

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