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If Trump Stops Tweeting, Twitter’s Market Cap Would Take A $2 Billion Hit

Who said Trump isn't doing great things for corporate America?

What’s Donald Trump worth to Twitter?

Probably a whole hell of a lot.

And God knows his presence on social media is worth its weight in gold (Trump’s favorite thing in the world) to those of use who enjoy lampooning him and for anyone interested in getting a look inside the brain of a raving geriatric who seems to be losing his mind in real-time.

Well, over the course of Trump’s presidency there have been no shortage of attempts to discern what Trump’s Twitter value actually is and today Monness Crespi Hardt’s James Cakmak has put a number on it: $2 billion.

“Donald Trump’s presence on Twitter’s social media platform probably doesn’t affect user and revenue growth for the company but the stock could potentially lose as much as $2 billion in market capitalization if the president quit tweeting,” Cakmak told Bloomberg in an interview.


That, Cakmak imagines, would be the result of multiple compression “as investors revalue the company with the loss of its most prominent user, rather than a change in ‘monetizable; daily active users.”

“There is no better free advertising in the world than the president of the United States,” Cakmak concludes.

There you go folks. The $2 billion dollar tweeter-in-chief.

Who said Trump isn’t doing “great” things for corporate America?



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