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As White House Denies Gary Cohn ‘Rumor’, Market Gets ‘Crash’ Preview

"I don't want to be an alarmist"...

"I don't want to be an alarmist"...
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9 comments on “As White House Denies Gary Cohn ‘Rumor’, Market Gets ‘Crash’ Preview

  1. Ah, but imagine the dip-buying opportunity the day AFTER he resigns!

  2. “Guilty by association” – has a long history of ruining the most sagely wishful thinking. These people Cohn and others in their current positions are at risk of being painted with the same sticky, tarry and odious neo-Nazi brush as Trump has so deliberately covered himself with. They be skilled financial types, but their political careers and resources will equal zero – if they stay with the stinking/sinking Trump Administration.

    Think of it as asking the First Mate, the Bosun, the Steward and the Cabin Boy to stand with the Captain – while he scuttles his ship and goes down with it while self-immolating – at the dock with all the media in the world up front and watching. It isn’t at all unreasonable to think that their survival instincts aren’t far, far, stronger than their neo-Nazi Trump loyalties. Trump isn’t finished destroying any remnants of any credibility anyone theorized he might have. If his command isn’t assumed by someone sane – he will eventually take us all down with him – men, women and children a like. He’s just that fucking crazy.

  3. Dan Gabella

    Thumbs up, D. Dugger!

  4. The sober analysis in those notes seems to conflict quite a bit with your penchant for dramatics.

  5. Anonymous

    How can one stand idly by while your boss equivocates about neo-nazis and white supremacists? Especially if you are a member of a minority like Cohn. But then you put the weight of a possible market crash on his shoulders and he must feel a great sense of duty. I just keep thinking about the expression on John Kelly’s face while trump went off the rails on Tuesday. It is exactly how Cohn, and anyone else with a little decency and intelligence remaining in the administration, must be feeling.

  6. THANKS for doing what you do.
    Without your POV I would be flying blind.
    ..and another shout out to the comments section!

    • Anonymous

      Shouting back – Hey! I assume VietVet signifies you served in Vietnam war? If so, Thank You!

      – Murphy

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