The Only 2 Jobs Charts You Need (‘God’ Is Laughing)

"The greatest jobs President that God ever created."

Ok, so now that we’ve hit the six month mark (in terms of available jobs data) in the Trump presidency, this is a great time to remind you that this White House has a habit of taking credit for things they had no part in creating.

And the media outlets that back this White House have been more than willing to perpetuate the lie. Recall, for instance, this absurd graphic from Fox News:


So that’s from April and there are only two possible explanations for it:

  1. Fox News is that stupid, or
  2. That is a deliberate and absurdly transparent attempt to mislead uneducated Americans.

Let me just be clear: if you don’t immediately see what’s wrong with that, then you are part of the problem in this country. That visual quite literally shows the opposite of what it intends to show. It demonstrates, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Obama and Clinton left a healthy labor market to their predecessor. And of course touting that 9% figure during the first three months of the Obama presidency leaves out the “minor” detail that he inherited the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

Well, fast forward to this morning and Trump was again trying to take credit for an upbeat jobs report.

But here’s the hilarious part about this (and yes, some of the math that goes into the following charts will be revised, but that can’t be controlled for ahead of the revisions without the help of a crystal ball or a time machine, so you know, cut me some slack): not only is Trump riding the Obama labor market wave, he hasn’t even been able to sustain the momentum.

Here, look:



Now tell us again, Mr. President, how you will be “the greatest jobs President that God ever created“…



1 comment on “The Only 2 Jobs Charts You Need (‘God’ Is Laughing)

  1. Anonymous

    What’s the point of proving politicians and the media wrong? Quite literally everyone who reads your site knows it’s a giant clown show.

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