Trump Explains Jobs Beat: ‘Me’

I know one man who is super-excited about this morning’s jobs beat.


And that man is the President of the United States:


Note what he says there:

…and I have only just begun.

So in other words, this isn’t about Americans. This is about Trump. “I.” “Me.” Etc.

Of course you can expect all the “I”s and “Me”s to dry up if next month’s print misses or if wage inflation finally shows up and starts eroding corporate earnings.

Oh, and do note this (via Bloomberg):

The addition of July’s job gains number brings net job creation to about 1.074 million in the first six months of the Trump administration. That’s about 179,000 a month on average– just shy of the 180,670 per month average the Obama administration posted in its final six months, which saw the addition of 1.084 million jobs. Trump is close, but still has some work to do if he still intends to surpass his predecessor and become the “greatest jobs producer that God ever created,” as he said at a news conference in January

Meanwhile, Nasdaq futs dove sharply just as he tweeted that:




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