Trump Says ‘Weak’ Sessions Is Hiding Hillary ‘Crimes,’ WaPo Is Helping Amazon Commit Tax Fraud

Trump Says ‘Weak’ Sessions Is Hiding Hillary ‘Crimes,’ WaPo Is Helping Amazon Commit Tax Fraud

Good morning, America!

Fresh off telling a massive gathering of Boy Scouts that he expects their “loyalty” and that Washington is a “cesspool” full of steaming sewage, the President is up early and he’s back on Twitter to explain why Jeff Sessions shouldn’t be Attorney General.

You’ll recall that on Monday, Trump called Sessions “beleaguered” on social media, the latest in a string of insults hurled in the general direction of an AG who very clearly won’t be AG for much longer.

Some commentators have suggested that Trump is himself leaking stories about Sessions to the Washington Post in order to give himself still more ammunition to fire him, which would be the first step towards eventually getting rid of Robert Mueller.

So that’s the context for this string of hilarious “covfefe”, that begin overnight and continued just after 6 a.m. EST:


Obviously, Trump is going to fire Sessions.

Equally obvious is that in doing so, he’s laying the ground work to “move on” Mueller “like a bitch,” before the special counsel gets too far down the rabbit hole that is Trump’s business dealings and finances.

Of course that’s probably a good thing because as we and countless others have pointed out, if he fires Mueller, he will almost certainly be impeached.

Oh, and this is still going on. Here’s another one that hit while we were writing this:


2 thoughts on “Trump Says ‘Weak’ Sessions Is Hiding Hillary ‘Crimes,’ WaPo Is Helping Amazon Commit Tax Fraud

  1. So “Mein Fuhrer” has escaped the straight jacket his lawyers put on him. I’m pretty sure he is cramming “junk” food down his piehole as his deluded mind thinks up some more “covfefe” for presidential publication at 3 AM and beyond. Anyone with a sane mind out there have any doubts about “The Chief Covfefe’s” sanity still????

  2. His obsession with Hillary and Obama and now Sessions is just sick! Trying to deflect as well as telling us all that these other people are much worse than him and we let them get away with “it” so we need to go after them first….. whatever. Like a 5 year old child.

    And another thing that pissed me off — watching him stand at his podium in front of hundreds of boy scouts and give a uh, hmm, well, should have been Motivational Encouraging Speech and NOT the profanity laced derogatory rant! He should have been yanked off that stage — he was speaking to children. omg. Laughing with joy when the kids reacted negatively when Clinton’s name was mentioned. Disrespect? Seriously? We let him get away with that behavior? I don’t give a crap if he is the “president” – yank him off that stage!!

    – Murphy

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