Trump Considers Replacing ‘Beleaguered’ Sessions With Rudolph Giuliani: Axios

Donald Trump went on another Twitter tirade this morning (he actually had a mini-meltdown last night too, but it was tame by his standards) and, in a bizarre development, called Jeff Sessions “beleaguered.”

That’s strange for two reasons:

  1. that’s a pretty big word for Trump, who over the weekend proved (again), that he can’t spell “counsel”
  2. the reason Sessions is “beleaguered” in the first place is thanks to Trump himself, who threw the AG under the bus in a New York Times interview last week, only to subsequently accuse the same New York Times of conspiring to keep ISIS leader Bakr Al-Baghdadi alive just four days later (you literally can’t make this shit up anymore)

Here’s this morning’s tweet:


He went on to call Adam Schiff “sleazy”:


Well now, according to Axios, Trump is plotting to oust Sessions. Here’s more:

President Trump is so unhappy with Attorney General Jeff Sessions that he has raised the possibility of bringing back Rudolph Giuliani to head the Justice Department, according to West Wing confidants.

  • In internal conversations, Trump has recently pondered the idea of nominating Giuliani, a stalwart of his campaign.
  • Even before last week’s blast at Sessions in a New York Times interview, Trump had expressed fury at Sessions — also one of the first prominent Republicans to back the Trump campaign — for recusing himself from the Russia investigation.
  • And in a Monday morning tweet, Trump referred to “our beleaguered A.G.” not investigating Hillary Clinton.

So much for this:


At this point, it’s difficult to know exactly what to say about this other than to state the obvious for the umpteenth time: this has gone completely off the rails.



2 thoughts on “Trump Considers Replacing ‘Beleaguered’ Sessions With Rudolph Giuliani: Axios

  1. The last few times I have seen him speaking with media, he seems a bit “lost” on some responses, rambles, almost like trump — I think Rudy has some dementia issues, the beginning stages – they come and go – but I think he is definitely confused a bit. You have to know if he and trump are buddies, he is as awful as trump!

    – Murphy

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