There’s ‘A Name For That’: ‘Dictator’

"You can’t -- and no court is going to rule otherwise."

"You can’t -- and no court is going to rule otherwise."
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4 comments on “There’s ‘A Name For That’: ‘Dictator’

  1. The Donald besides being as paranoid as a cat in room full of coke heads in rocking chairs – apparently also has a growing god complex to add to the menagerie of psychoses he maintains within his self.

    Self-pardoning is the mainstay of someone ruling by “divine right.” He is the hand of god and consequently, as an extension of god he can do no wrong If he does – well, god says its ok in advance.

    Donald Trump is insufferably too intellectually incompetent be President. So, just how long will it take our elected Congressional cowards to do something about it? Do we have to get rid them first? If this situation wasn’t so absurd, it would almost be funny.

    • all of that is true, but i don’t necessarily see anything wrong with “a room full of coke heads in rocking chairs.” that sounds like a good time.

  2. Anonymous

    H — wrong kind of cat

    – Murphy

  3. Spunky McGregor

    I think it’s possible or even likely that Trump walks without any charges regardless of pardon power. I think that, while he’s dirty as hell in other respects, the Russians would know better than to try to break American law. I think I can hear some of you laughing from here as I type this so I’ll leave with just one more note.

    In the case of the 2016 election and Trump’s relation to Russia, my bottom line isn’t the number of convictions or anything else that might happen. My desire is that the truth comes out, and if Trump fires Mueller I worry that part of the truth may be lost forever. In this case, the truth is what the country needs more than D2S’s resignation.

    My two cents.


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