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An Incredulous Marco Rubio Lampoons Trump’s ‘Cyber Security Unit’ Tweet

It is indeed as ridiculous as it sounds. Marco thinks so too.

So first thing this morning, we said the following about Donald Trump’s laughable contention that he’s going to work with the Kremlin to establish “an impenetrable cyber security unit”:

That’s right America. Rest easy, because Vladimir Putin is going to help Trump prevent Russian hacking by designing a “cyber security unit” — which is a lot like Pablo Escobar building his own prison.

As it turns out, we weren’t the only ones who noticed how out-of-this-world silly that is.

Indeed, all you need to do is take a few minutes to scroll through your Twitter feed and you’ll find all manner of incredulity emanating from all corners of the punditry and from both sides of the aisle.

One person who was most assuredly not amused was Marco Rubio, whose assessment echoes our own and which we present below without further comment…



5 comments on “An Incredulous Marco Rubio Lampoons Trump’s ‘Cyber Security Unit’ Tweet

  1. Everybody in this WH has got a bullshit story to peddle. This Cyber Security Unit is like Stephen Bannon putting the Koch brothers in charge of his “alleged” proposal to increase the top tax bracket to 40% on wealthiest Americans (see the Dowd story H posted this AM). It’s also leaked out that James Comey, you know the “nut job,” will be head of the Cyber Security Unit.

    The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension is starting to sound mainstream around Trump and his stories.

  2. Curt A Tyner

    Well “Little Marco” just woke up to our nightmare.

  3. William

    Either bozo boy is utterly incompetent to be Pres by virtue of dimwittedness or he does not care enough about U.S. security. Time to put this loser out to pasture…

  4. Trump is not the only Putin lover.
    He’s has a Trumpload go company.
    It looks like the Republican party is split on loving Putin and Russia.

    I caught an MSNBC special called On Assignment with Richard Engel. It centered on Putin, touched upon how he played Trump like a fiddle these last few days, how Putin and his pals run Russia like the mafia, to include murdering their enemies, and then it got into how Putin has cultivated a wonderful relationship with the Christian Right and how they love him.

    Here’s a story about the starting point:

    “Why the Christian Right Shares Trump’s Affection for Putin”:

    Ideological conservatives vs. civilizational conservatives and Trump:

    “Through his public statements and presidential appointments, Donald Trump is remaking Republican foreign policy in two fundamental ways. The first concerns Russia. Previous GOP leaders like Mitt Romney and John McCain described Moscow as an adversary. Trump describes it as a partner. The second concerns Islam. Previous GOP leaders—most notably George W. Bush—insisted that the U.S. had no beef with Islam, or with the vast majority of Muslims worldwide. Trump and his top advisors disagree. They often describe Islam itself as a hostile force, and view ordinary Muslims as guilty of jihadist sympathies until proven innocent.

    “Why Republicans like Putin”:

    “How America’s Right-Wing Fell in Love with Putin and Moscow”

    “Trump & Putin: Our New Biblical Kings”

    Which might explain why Trump decided to be Reborn. He was preparing himself
    for Putin and his People:

  5. David Marilley

    The problem IS that it appears Trump believes his own words. You see this kind of delusional behavior in institutions with doors locked from the outside.

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