Trump: Me And Putin Forming ‘Impenetrable Cyber Security Unit’ To Make Hacking Safe Again

Wake up, America!

Donald Trump is servin’ up pipin’ hot “covfefe.”

If you needed to start your Sunday off with a hearty laugh, then the President has got you covered.

Over the past 24 hours, the media has incessantly parsed reports about Trump’s meeting with Vladimir Putin for clues about what was said – an exercise in futility for obvious reasons.

At issue are the seemingly mixed messages emanating from the Kremlin, on one hand, and Rex Tillerson on the other, with regard to exactly how aggressive Trump was in pressing Putin about Russia’s efforts to meddle in the US election.

I’m not even going to dignify that debate here because we all know it’s farcical, but I thought, in the interest of entertainment, I’d highlight the following tweet that hit just minutes ago in which Trump explains that he and Putin are considering setting up an “impenetrable cyber security unit”



That’s right America. Rest easy, because Vladimir Putin is going to help Trump prevent Russian hacking by designing a “cyber security” unit — which is a lot like Pablo Escobar building his own prison.

But as absurd as that already is, it’s made even funnier by the fact that Trump butchered the messaging. He just said that Putin’s “impenetrable cyber security unit” will make sure that “election hacking and many other negative things” are “guarded and safe”.

Which is good, because if there’s anything you want to make sure of, it’s that election hacking and “many other negative things” are kept safe and guarded. We wouldn’t want anyone interfering with them. Let’s just say Trump and Putin are going to “make hacking and many other negative things safe and guarded again.”

And as you can see from the tweets, it got even worse as the President of the United States explained how he and the leader of a hostile foreign power chatted about matters of domestic security that foreign governments have absolutely no business knowing anything about.

This being Trump, he couldn’t help himself, so he once again threw the US intelligence community under the bus (the very last thing he should be doing this morning) and then tried to blame Obama:


There are at least two lies in there, but who’s counting, anymore, right?

I guess the best way to respond to that latter tweet is to note that Trump forgot to tell his UN Ambassador…

Yes, “everybody knows that Russia meddled in our elections.”

Everybody except Donald Trump.

And this guy, who no one has been able to identify yet:





2 thoughts on “Trump: Me And Putin Forming ‘Impenetrable Cyber Security Unit’ To Make Hacking Safe Again

  1. If one looked at this in a light most favorable to Trump, you could easily come away with the takeaway that he has tasked himself with the job of being the bizarro world idiot savant with a tweeter and bully at the pulpit to cause world class distraction. From what, you ask? From what the Bannon-Miller team are doing and planning, as punctuated by Trump’s Warsaw “white western civilization” speech, a distinctive shout-out to his white nationalist supporters wherever they are located. This article tells the story:

    And to send that message home and bring glee to the heart of those special supporters, Trump is the first president in decades to visit Warsaw and not make a stop at the monument for the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising., knowing that such a move would inflict pain and cause anger and disappointment in the Jewish community. But, hey, what else can you expect from him except to inflict pain, anger and disappointment upon most of earth’s population? It’s his signature characteristic: Mr. Destructo.

    • …and Donnie Jr. not as coy about his affinity towards white-nationalist….easy subject, just Google it — lots to read and form your own opinions. He seems to have a special fondness for PePe The Frog, again, plenty on Google, read a piece there where “they claimed they” got trump elected.

      The original PePe’s creator fought to get PePe out of their hands, taken as their logo, so to speak – but had to kill him off instead and gave up the battle to save him. sad.

      – Murphy

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