Marcus: “Authoritarianism Does Not Announce Itself. It Creeps Up On You”

Marcus: “Authoritarianism Does Not Announce Itself. It Creeps Up On You”

Via Ruth Marcus for WaPo “Some of the Fake News Media likes to say that I am not totally engaged in healthcare,” President Trump tweeted on Wednesday. “Wrong, I know the subject well & want victory for U.S.” Fine, Mr. President, there’s an easy way to prove your asserted knowledge: Have a news conference. Answer questions that aren’t softballs tossed by your friends at Fox News. In the age of Trump, some of the president’s deviations from democratic and political norms slap y
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5 thoughts on “Marcus: “Authoritarianism Does Not Announce Itself. It Creeps Up On You”

  1. Not in this case. This Creep is an Authoritarian which plain to see well before he was elected, millions of Americans, many enamored by reality and others who love a “Great Dictator,” voted for whom they saw as their perfect choice.

  2. He has nothing on the covert German authoritarianism and continental conquest. For details read American Thinker. Or better, the 5-star Amazon-rated book Rotten Heart of Europe. The 4th Reich has seized control of all Europe (except for heroic Russia) without firing a single shot. Hitler would be envious. And libs applaud.

  3. He has created this atmosphere of hostility beginning during his campaign with his aggressive and angry rhetoric in his rallies and the more the press publicized his behavior, the public at large decided if they were his “kind” or not and his crowds swelled with angry aggressive and somewhat hostile personalities. The behavior of those groups then became the News and the Press swarmed and reported on what was being said and what was happening in those rallies. The atmosphere was hostile and negative so the media reported hostile and negative and suddenly the Press were being penned up and kept from mingling and interviewing, and that was reported in the media and instead of reporting the news, it became the news. The press was angry and the general public watching this circus was angry and Trump was angry because he did not hear any flattering news.

    Trump has an uncouth way of talking to people and almost no social class and has assumed an arrogance to protect himself from criticism. He prefers to define his lack of consideration and respect as a disregard of political correctness which also appeals to his base of voters. The more his crowds cheered certain attitudes and his comments about people, the more he performed, as his ego requires admiration. It is nothing new for Trump as that is how he was raised. He spent some time at a military school to try and correct his behavior. He has a highly defensive protectionism and coupled with inability to control his response to internal and external stimuli, he will lash out or strike back using socially unacceptable actions, sadly to disgrace, dishonor and defame another person. It is self-preservation at it’s worst.

    He will not change from this arrogant and repulsive character which will continue to evoke open criticism, an authentic catch-22, preventing a resolution of the problem with Trump.

    – Murphy

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