A Very Presidential Trump Asks Why “Crooked H” Gets To “Destroy Phone W/ Hammer”

Let me ask you a question.

If I break into your house and steal your 4K TV, are you going to let me off the hook because someone else stole your neighbor’s 4K TV two years ago?

Of course not.

It would be patently absurd if, upon getting caught hooking up your 4K TV in my own living room, I tried to explain to the police that I shouldn’t be arrested because someone else stole a 4K TV one time in a completely unrelated crime.

So consider that, and then consider this Thursday night tweet from Donald Trump:


But you know what, let’s just say you’re inclined to be sympathetic to that blatant attempt at deflection.

What you still can’t escape is the fact that what you see above is a message from the President of the United States.¬†

Just in case you don’t see why that’s ridiculous, try to imagine it as an official press release, as one Twitter user did…


And don’t forget this one:



Incidentally, those are from @RealPressSecBot who you should definitely follow for laughs.

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9 thoughts on “A Very Presidential Trump Asks Why “Crooked H” Gets To “Destroy Phone W/ Hammer”

  1. This comparison to Hillary may be a deflection tactic by Trump or a very illuminating exposure of the hypocrisy of left leaning reporters and bloggers, like HR. I don’t strongly favor either Hillary or Trump. This allows me to easily see that similar postings to this one were conspicuously lacking on this site while Hillary was up to her deceptive and obstructive shenanigans. Now I can see the other extreme (daily harangues) on this site and other left leaning outlets like it because Trump did something similarly deceptive (with much less objective evidence presented). This Trump tweet was an hypocrisy test, HR, and you failed.

    This is one crooked, rich New Yorker pointing the finger at another crooked, rich New Yorker for PR purposes. The under-represented voters in the key swing states voted for Trump to get rid of this kind of hypocrisy. It appears they failed. That doesn’t excuse folks like HR layering the partisan hypocrisy on even thicker. Look in the mirror, HR. You’re part of the problem.

    1. If you don’t stand in abhorrence of “this so-called” president than I definitely know which way you lean. The comparisons to Hillary Clinton are absurd. After 30+ years of falsehoods, manufactured scandals, and just outright bullshit leveled at the Clinton’s, whiny Trump wants to cry about his horrible treatment? I smell a traitor that is only concerned about his fat ass and not the security of this nation. I wish (hopelessly I know) he spends many years in a federal prison with his new, best bud. Bubba.

    2. You can’t be as ignorant as you sound because that would imply not knowledgeable about what you say hence slack is given. So I guess stupidity wins the day and begs the ??? Are you really that stupid or is this an Alex Jones thing, I don’t really believe the sh*t I’m saying, it’s just for my ignorant friends.

  2. Wow, hell of a spin job there, H. Can we all just agree there is plenty of hypocrisy for both “sides” in the US today. Left can call Right scumbags and Right can call Left scumbags and there is plenty of evidence for both sides to pick from their “sources”. Seems like the end of something is fast approaching.

    1. I’m sorry, I missed the part where the Democratic president in office was openly violating the constitution, obstructing investigations into his campaign’s collusion with foreign powers, and embarrassing the country through his bizarrely demented public speeches on Twitter.

      I can confidently say that such a thing would never happen because Democrats, whatever their other faults, would never allow such a plainly unfit man to stand as their candidate for the highest office.

      No, this mess is the fault squarely of Republicans, and the sooner you admit it, the better off you’ll be.

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