The Best Twitter Responses To Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ “Covfefe” Moment

To quote SNL’s Aidy Bryant, Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ “momma is a big southern hamburger,” and “obviously she’s hilarious just like her daddy.”

Sanders offered no proof of the hamburger bit on Saturday, but she did submit evidence to support the idea that she’s capable of making people laugh “like her daddy,” although usually when Mike gives us a chuckle, it’s intentional.

This, apparently, was not intentional:


Here’s WaPo to sum it up:

Anchor, traffic light. Traffic light, traffic light. Traffic light, anchor. Maps and castles, planes and boats. And almost dead center in the middle of the message: an ancient and pale stone face of Easter Island.

So that came from Sanders’ official, verified Twitter account bright and early on Saturday morning and of course the (hopefully) errant tweet drew immediate comparisons to Trump’s infamous “covfefe” moment.

Sanders tried to play it off later by blaming it on an unruly toddler which, ironically, is probably what she’ll have to do in her next career when potential employers start asking things like “what the fuck were you thinking when you did those press briefings?”

And while this is of absolutely no consequence to anything, the 30,000 people who follow Sanders have once again proven why Twitter is an indispensable part of our society.

Below, find the funniest responses to the deputy press secretary’s cryptic emoji message…



I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and fucking tired of “winning”…


2 thoughts on “The Best Twitter Responses To Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ “Covfefe” Moment

  1. Tweet, drip, tweet drip, tweet, drip. My take is when people are trying to bury themselves, let them. In the famous words of Lewis Black, “What the Fu*k” (screamed of course). I’m sure glad we have “the best minds” running our country. Yep, this winning thing is starting to look pretty good. Shades, shades folks with the future being so bright and all oh, sorry that’s only the climate burning a hole in our heads. We’ll always have Paris… er …. well……maybe not. Gotta love all those coal jobs coming back….bigly….er…well…maybe not. I can’t believe that Obama with all our problems is playing golf today, terrible. Lock her up, she’s a criminal. That Comey he’s a nut job. “Sure the Special Counsel can put me under oath, 100% under oath”. On and on and on…………………………………. This fool is going DOWN.

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