And At 6 Minutes After Midnight, Trump Did Deliver The Orb’s Message: “Covfefe”

There’s a logic to Trump that you can only get if you look at Trump as Trump.

Nassim Taleb

You’d do well to internalize those words of wisdom from the man Socrates would have been if only Socrates could have conceptualized of a being as intellectually superior to himself as Nassim Taleb surely is.

See if you truly understood the quote excerpted above, you wouldn’t be confused about Donald Trump’s midnight Twitter declaration:


Yes, “despite” it all, “covfefe.”

A lot of folks immediately wrote that shining example of presidential profundity off to an errant tweet deserving of ridicule.

How wrong those folks are.

See if you, like Nassim Taleb, understand the “logic of Trump,” you understand that “covfefe” was just the next “logical” step for a man struggling to communicate with a frustrated nation.

You have to look back and put all the pieces together.

Think back to May 13. That was the day when the President, beset by controversy, took to Twitter to deliver a powerful, one-word message of unity. To wit:


Yes, “we.”

But that wasn’t enough to unite a divided nation.

The fissures had become too deep, the partisan bickering too venomous, society too torn.

And so it was that Trump traveled halfway around the world to lay his small hands on the great Orb, which cast its soft-white glow upon his burnt-orange face:


We could not know what the Orb said and even if Trump had told us, we were not in a position to understand.

Enlightened, Trump continued on his overseas jaunt, all the while pondering the Orb’s message.

He rolled that message over beneath the blonde beaver pelt perched proudly atop his head. He let it resonate as he alienated America’s closest allies. And he kept it close to his heart, which barely beats because his arteries are clogged with well-done NY strip and ketchup.

Then, in the midst of his darkest hour, an hour in which his closest advisor and son-in-law looked destined to be indicted for treason, an hour in which it appeared as though the entire world had thrown in the towel on his young presidency, Trump spoke.

His “logic” was revealed.

The Orb’s message was finally handed down to the restless masses via the Twitter account of a reality TV show host.

And that message was: “covfefe.”

Of course Trump is merely an earthen vessel.

He can but deliver the Orb’s message.

It is you, America, that must look into your soul and discover its true meaning…



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2 thoughts on “And At 6 Minutes After Midnight, Trump Did Deliver The Orb’s Message: “Covfefe”

  1. Although there are many things to dislike about Trump, above all it is the tweets I find personally humiliating (is the humorous coverage a coping mechanism?). I mean God, this is the leader of the country, ostensibly the most powerful country in the world, publicly addressing the entire world, unable to spell, sometimes unable even to remain awake to finish his sentence.

  2. ……and yet we cannot stop him, cannot control him, cannot edit him, cannot remove him unless we have “just cause” or “a good reason” ……. and yet we firmly state he is not the fucking KING of AMERICA? Who determines when we have just cause or a good reason? And don’t tell me “the Constitution” because that is total bullshit. If this ridiculous result of that ridiculous election does not profoundly show us we need to reconstruct an outline of removing a person from the Oval Office, exactly what will? I highly doubt the Constitution writers ever even came close to thinking someone like this moron would ever even get close to holding the Office of The President of the United States! One easy fix: dissolve the Electoral College. If we did not have that, we would not have him right now!

    – Murphy

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