Bank Of Japan’s ETF Holdings Surge 80% To Cartoonish 16,000,000,000,000 Yen

Bank Of Japan’s ETF Holdings Surge 80% To Cartoonish 16,000,000,000,000 Yen

A couple of weeks ago in "Revisiting The Tokyo Whale," we took a few minutes to remind readers just how large the Bank of Japan's footprint in the Japanese ETF market truly is. We thought it was important to keep the story front and center lest it should get lost in the incessant chatter about Fed balance sheet normalization and speculation about more hawkish forward guidance from the ECB. Specifically, we showed you the following chart from SocGen: Kuroda, SocGen estimated, had amassed
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5 thoughts on “Bank Of Japan’s ETF Holdings Surge 80% To Cartoonish 16,000,000,000,000 Yen

  1. Seriously this guy is insane. The world of investing is in “the zone” and will regret their place in history. Ignore the reality of debt up to even over your head and look for inflation that already is killing your country they just don’t know they are dead yet. Bubbles and the blackest swans in the history of the world and the dupes just like in 2008 are “the smartest people in the room”, just ask them,”sh*t this is stealing”, why stop. Well probably 50-70% of your wealth will go up in smoke as you and literally millions try and exit at the same time. There will be blood and plenty of it.

    Here is a reality check. Which commodity has sold almost every bit of inventory for the last 2-3 yrs and is the cheapest and BEST investment in the world RIGHT now?? It’s gold and silver. Another perspective, if oil had sold every barrel it produced in that time it would be selling at $120 or more a barrel. So why is gold and silver so depressed, can you say… wait… for… it …MANIPULATION. Sure, just another stupid, crazy gold bug venting about how unfair the market is. Hardly, gold and silver are money and have been for many thousands of years, that is a fact. Most very wealthy people own lots and lots of both, WHY? Wake-up folks. Central/Fed banks HAVE to control the precious metal markets, if they don’t everyone will see how completely they have fuck*d up our economy. An open and fair precious metal market would be sky high right now killing other markets. Do yourself a favor and check out this website: GATA (Gold Anti-trust Action) Committee. Remember almost EVERY OZ OF GOLD AND SILVER MINED YEARLY, ALL OVER THE WORLD HAS BEEN SOLD FOR THE LAST 2-3 YEARS.

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