Philadelphia Police Dept. Trolls Trump: “Drive With Covfefe”

Donald Trump has finally done it.

He’s united the nation – in a coordinated effort to troll him relentlessly.

It seems pretty clear at this point that the President’s midnight Twitter declaration (“covfefe“) is going to be lampooned for all eternity. This has the potential to make its way into the “things that just never seem to get old” folder.

Well, in a testament to just how much of a joke this President has become, even the Philadelphia Police Department is getting in on it. To wit from their official Twitter feed:




Now it’s time for Trump to tell us that Philly is overrun with useless “losers” in blue uniforms who hide behind their “sad” badges and spread “fake news” about him tweeting things that make no sense in the middle of the night.

Better yet, Trump should just shut down the whole department. After all, that’s what Erdogan would do in this scenario.


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