Here’s This Week’s “Central Bank Chatterbox”

So about two weeks ago, we said that Goldman is super excited about their new “Central Bank Chatterbox” series which the bank described as follows:

A report [that] will summarize key public comments from G10 central bank officials over the past week and events scheduled for the week ahead

Now sure, once you get past Trump, all that really matters for markets is central banks, so it makes a lot of sense that Goldman would launch this series.

But that doesn’t make it any less absurd that because we’ve become so dependent on forward guidance and because these people talk so goddamn much, that we need a weekly newsletter just to keep track of it all.

Anyway, here’s what we said about the “inaugural edition”:

So while I’m not sure the “inaugural edition of the Central Bank Chatterbox” makes for the most exciting of reading, it’s worth noting that Goldman is apparently going to make this a weekly thing, because at some point, this series will be useful

Well, “at some point” is now.

Here’s the latest version which is undoubtedly handy given what we’ve heard over the past week.

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