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Mike Flynn Will Defy Senate Subpoena On Russia

Aaaaand it gets worse.

Aaaaand it gets worse.
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3 comments on “Mike Flynn Will Defy Senate Subpoena On Russia

  1. Anonymous

    Looks like he is trying to stay out of jail for as long as possible….. what other reason would he have? It’s not like he would sacrifice himself for his “buddy” — no, it’s bigger than that. Treason? Wonder what he would give up for immunity? How much can he afford to pay lawyers for as long as it takes? They don’t look cheap.

  2. Dan Gabella

    His son, who at the time was acting as his aide, was given the boot because he re-tweeted that stupid Clinton, pizza/sex slavery story. But daddy re-tweeted it too, almost simultaneously, and not a word. I hope he hangs.

  3. Spunky McGregor

    It is my solemn hope that this man and others like him who have done so much harm to our nation, glow in the dark after this is done. Some of them will doubtlessly spend time in prison. If they do, then they got off easy. I fail to understand how anyone who spends a lifetime in the United States government (in the military no less!) comes to aiding and abetting our most dangerous (or second-most dangerous) geopolitical foe.

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