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Halloween-Themed Russian Propaganda Site Uncovers Nefarious Syria Plot

" the separate command of a mastermind."


You all know “Sputnik,” right”?

Well, in case you’re unfamiliar, let me try and give you a visual.

Imagine you hired yourself about 30 circus clowns, 2 photoshop whizzes, 3 KGB agents, and a web developer, and made yourself a Kremlin-sponsored propaganda site that, based on the color scheme, thinks it’s always Halloween.

The result would look like this:


Sputnik, you’re reminded, participated in a fake news recycling campaign in the lead-up to the US election.

Basically, it amounted to a kind of propaganda circle-jerk wherein bloggers would make up bullshit, Sputnik (and RT) would then report that same bullshit, and then, in the final act, the same bloggers would cite Sputnik as proof that the bullshit they originally made up was true.

You can read that story here: Reuters Exclusive: How You Were Duped By RT, Sputnik, And US-Based Bloggers.

Well guess what?!

I’ll tell you what.

The crack squad of “Putin-litzer” prize-winning investigative reporters over at Sputnik have uncovered a nefarious plot involving, in order:

  • al-Jazeera;
  • a band of “stringers;”
  • 30 fire engines;
  • an unidentified number of ambulances;
  • 70 local residents (including “children”, who are apparently in on it – sneaky little bastards)
  • and some “screaming” social media co-conspirators

And can you guess what they’re doing?

Why they’re framing Bashar al-Assad and Vladimir Putin by staging a fake chemical attack, that’s what they’re doing!

And do you know who’s behind this?

Well, al-Jazeera obviously, but it’s – and this is an actual quote – “at the separate command of a mastermind.”


This “info” – and again, this is an actual quote – was “confirmed via several channels” and “appears to be ordered from a European country.”

[One thing that was evidently not "confirmed” by any "channels” was Sputnik’s capacity to write proper English.]

This according to “unnamed” sources who would only trust this sensitive information to a reliable outlet like Sputnik.

Here’s the screengrab:





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