“It’s Brilliant. It’s Genius” Fox And Trump Marvel At 50-Year-Old Technology

I’ll confess that I have an ongoing issue when it comes to commenting on or otherwise highlighting public statements made by Donald Trump and members of his administration.

See the thing is, almost everything they say is a punchline. It’s not like once a week someone says something stupid – as was the case with George Bush. It’s more like five or six times per day. And then to make it even harder to negotiate for those of us trying to figure out where to direct criticism/cynicism/attempts at humor, sometimes they’ll even say something stupid while attempting to explain something stupid they said previously (witness Sean Spicer telling CNN that Trump was trying to “destabilize” the Mideast while apologizing for downplaying the Holocaust during Passover).

So after a while, everything starts to seem funny to me and I hope it’s as funny to you as I think it is.

That’s a roundabout way of half way apologizing for making fun of the same interview I lampooned earlier (in which Trump explained how, over a piece of giant chocolate cake, he broke the news to Chinese President Xi Jinping that the US had attacked “Iraq”), but I just can’t help myself and I’ll explain why.

I was watching that clip again and it occurred to me that in describing the airstrikes on Iraq Syria, it seemed like both Trump and Maria Bartiromo were amazed that the US had unmanned missiles. As if that’s some new technology that no one had ever heard of, let alone seen in action, until last Thursday night at 9:02 EST.

So before I wrote this I checked to see if it was just me and sure enough, it wasn’t.

A whole lot of people noticed the same hilarious thing I did. Listen to this again:

Did you catch that? Here’s the transcript:


Yes, “brilliant.”

If this were the 1970s.



9 thoughts on ““It’s Brilliant. It’s Genius” Fox And Trump Marvel At 50-Year-Old Technology

  1. YES! when I saw that I was dumbfounded. My first thought was just exactly how old are you? This man is so disconnected to the real world, totally out of touch, so far removed from the common man OR seriously demented. It was shocking to hear him talk about how brilliant it was and that he thinks our technology in missiles is so much better than others have and then to immediately drop into his bullshit about Obama allowing the military to deteriorate and how he will be taking the steps to improve our quality and quantity…..but I should not be shocked at anything that pours from his mouth. I must say that this conversation was a telling sign of his ignorance.

  2. It’s hilarious until it turns deadly.
    Let’s keep laughing while we can.
    H, take a page from Trump’s playbook: NEVER apologize, NEVER admit you’re wrong.

  3. It’s no mystery why Trump likes to be interviewed by Bartiromo. She is so unctuous and pandering. She gives Billy Bush a run for his money.

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