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Here’s The Only Question We Should Be Asking About Trump And Syria

"Lost in the cacophony of unanswerable questions is the simplest one of all."

You know, I’m reasonably sure this will piss some people off and to the extent it does, I’m absolutely positive I’ll get some e-mails about it, but I think it’s worth highlighting for obvious reasons.

As we wrote earlier today, there are a whole lot of “uncomfortable” questions surrounding Donald Trump’s snap decision to hit Syria with 59 Tomahawk missiles on Thursday. And they’ll be no shortage of coverage with regard to those questions in the week ahead.

Meanwhile, the media has rushed to ask “what’s next?” And “what’s the long-term plan for Syria?” And “how do we reconcile bombing Assad with Assad fighting ISIS?” And on, and on. None of those questions are answerable.

Lost in the cacophony of unanswerable questions is the simplest one of all.

Namely, if Donald Trump is so concerned about the “poor babies” in Syria, then why the f*ck won’t he let them come to America?


5 comments on “Here’s The Only Question We Should Be Asking About Trump And Syria

  1. According to your logic, if I give a homeless person a dollar, then why don’t I let that person move into my house? If I don’t offer the homeless person everything I own, then “obviously” the dollar I gave has no real goodness behind it then, huh?

    • Such a flawed analogy it’s hard to know where to begin. Comparing use of military force to giving someone an insignificant amount of money is one major flaw. Comparing a homeless person’s plight to the plight of innocent small children in a war torn country is another.

      However to go with your analogy, let’s compare apples with apples. You try to equate letting a small number of children and babies immigrate to our country with letting a homeless person move into your house. That’s absurd – letting a homeless person move into your house has a far higher burden on your personally than does letting thousands of children and babies immigrate to a country of 300+ million people. A more apt comparison would be saying if you give a homeless person a dollar, then go on television talking about the terrible suffering of homeless people and how much help they need, then why don’t you go volunteer a few hours per month at a shelter or soup kitchen.

    • Yeah that’s a pretty crap analogy to be honest with you Joe.

  2. Anonymous

    ….totally agree with you…..because it is not about the babies. He has no emotional connection to anyone. He was far from involved in raising his own babies….and he does not appear to be much of a father to his youngest son! We can blame it on his own father (parents) or his narcissistic mental illness but he has no emotional response to anything other than money and people not thinking he is the greatest anything ever born.

    He sees the incredibly sad pictures/videos of people living in squalor and eating minimally only a few times a week, thousands living in tents, if lucky, and mashed all together in extremely small areas, children and babies starving and dirty and skeleton thin – ok enough, you got the images we see – and he issues orders as King, that no one gets into the United States because any one of them could be a terrorist!

    We read the actual details of the terrorist attacks in the USA and the who, what, where details of those terrorists and the smart sane ones of us know this extreme banning of immigrants is not going to prevent those attacks.

    He has a hate filled heart and is happily using this new Power – and for some idiotic reasons, we are somehow required to follow the commands of this narcissistic King.

    • Curt Tyner

      You got the point of H’s post, this is as always w/ Trump- me, me I, I always. He doesn’t give a sh*t about your baby, my baby or the thousands of Syrian citizens (babies included) already killed or soon to be killed by the 20+ factions + 4 or 5 countries still involved in the fu*king mess. CYA+Distract+Babies=Compassion. Riiiight, Trump finally got a conscience and is NOW presidential because he marked-up a runway that was back in use the next day, and surrogates were spouting that 20% of the Syrian air force was destroyed when IT WASN’T. This is beyond a joke. We warned the Russians who guess what? surprise! warned the Syrians who moved as much of their sh*t out of harms way. Remember the Trump posturing, “I’m not going to tell the enemy what I’m planning”. Smoke and mirrors……

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