What Goes Around Comes Around: Trump Golf Edition

What Goes Around Comes Around: Trump Golf Edition

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: poor Sean Spicer.

Let me just quote myself for a second…

I think we might need to start a new series here at Heisenberg Report dedicated to documenting the trials and tribulations of poor Sean Spicer.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it another thousand times before this clown show in Washington is over: you need to feel sorry for this poor bastard. Imagine waking up everyday and knowing that your job is to explain, justify, and/or otherwise apologize for everything Donald Trump does. And imagine you have to do that in front of a press corps that, thanks to the very same crazy bullsh*t you’re trying to explain, justify, and defend, is out to (almost literally) kill you.

That’s the worst job I can imagine.

Far worse than say, being a high class prostitute in Russia that pees on beds at the behest of balding billionaires and yes, even worse than  having to dress up as the Easter Bunny and stumble around someone’s yard. I’m reasonably sure Spicer doesn’t know much about the former but, as I mentioned last week, the latter is something he’s very familiar with…


So with that as the backdrop, Spicer was asked on Monday about President Trump’s multiple golf outings since becoming commander-in-chief.


Because I know the Trump supporters and maybe even some readers who don’t support him are about to tune out.

Come on Heisenberg, why do we care how often Trump plays golf?” “That’s not news!

You’re exactly right. It’s not.

Which is why no one should have been talking about it when Obama played golf. But people sure did. They lampooned, lambasted, and even created a whole host of Obama golf memes.

It was “news” then, because it was fodder for the alt-Right peanut gallery. But what’s good for the goose is good for the (orange) gander, isn’t it? That is, nobody would care how much Trump played golf if Trump himself hadn’t made a point of criticizing Obama for hitting the old links. Here’s a refresher:


Right. “Get off the golf course.” Well now, poor old Sean Spicer has to field ridiculous questions about Trump’s golf outings (and again, not because that matters, but because Trump set himself up for this). Here’s what Sean came up with on Monday:

See the problem with “what goes around” is that it “comes around.”

And you’d better grab the popcorn, because we’re going to be highlighting a lot of the latter here going forward.

One thought on “What Goes Around Comes Around: Trump Golf Edition

  1. The show goes on and on and on. The Orange/julius(as in Caesar) is a hypocrite, I know this is not news either. He/Bannon are running interference for the Ryan/status quo group ruining our country piece by piece as they remove regulations that protect all of our lives. The 1%’s bought congress goes along it’s merry way stealing the small remaining wealth of the rest of our friends and neighbors. This is burglary at it’s finest as more $$ is swept into the pockets of cronies and masters who pay pennies only to collect millions/billions, and the beat goes on and on and ON.

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