Should We Take Trump’s Wiretap Claim Seriously? “Sure… Of Course Not,” White House Says

I think we might need to start a new series here at Heisenberg Report dedicated to documenting the trials and tribulations of poor Sean Spicer.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it another thousand times before this clown show in Washington is over: you need to feel sorry for this poor bastard. Imagine waking up everyday and knowing that your job is to explain, justify, and/or otherwise apologize for everything Donald Trump does. And imagine you have to do that in front of a press corps that, thanks to the very same crazy bullsh*t you’re trying to explain, justify, and defend, is out to (almost literally) kill you.

That’s the worst job I can imagine.

Far worse than say, being a high class prostitute in Russia that pees on beds at the behest of balding billionaires and yes, even worse than  having to dress up as the Easter Bunny and stumble around someone’s yard. I’m reasonably sure Spicer doesn’t know much about the former but, as I mentioned last week, the latter is something he’s very familiar with…


Well Tuesday found Spicer squaring off against reporters who understandably want to know what the f*ck we’re all supposed to make of Trump’s allegation that Barack Obama led a vast conspiracy to tap the phones at Trump Tower.

Here’s a bit of color from ABC:

White House press secretary Sean Spicer said today that President Donald Trump has not spoken to FBI Director James Comey in the wake of Trump’s unsubstantiated allegations that his phones were wiretapped at the direction of President Obama.

Spicer reiterated the White House’s earlier announced plans to have the House and Senate investigative committees look into the matter.

“There is clearly a role that congress can play in their oversight,” Spicer said at the press briefing today.

When asked by ABC News’ Jonathan Karl, Spicer declined from sharing his personal feelings on the issue.

“I get that that’s a cute question to ask. My job is to represent the president,” Spicer said.

Another “cute” question Spicer got was this one:

Should Trump’s tweet about alleged wire taps be taken at face value?

Below you can find Spicer’s attempt to find an answer to the unanswerable. After watching this ask yourself how long it would take you to quit this job and go back to being the Easter Bunny:

1 comment on “Should We Take Trump’s Wiretap Claim Seriously? “Sure… Of Course Not,” White House Says

  1. Nicholas Gomez says:

    Since Snowden revealed that the NSA had captured ALL communications originating in America, it is logical that they got what was happening in the Donald’s tower. Maybe THAT is the wire-tapping he is talking about.

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